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Li, W.

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Li, Wailang;   Li, Wei;   Li, Weihua;   Li, Weili;   Li, Weishen;   Li, Wen;   Li, Wenbo;   Li, Wenhauo;   Li, Wenjiang;   Li, Wenjie;   Li, Wenlai;   Li, Wenshuo;   Li, Wentian;   Li, Wenwen;   Li, Wenzhou;   Lin, W.;   Liu, W.


Bergeron, J.Y.;   Cai, X.;   Chen, X.;   Durocher, G.;   Farmer, L.;   Ganguly, T.;   Gravel, D.;   Handschy, M.A.;   Johnson, K.M.;   Lagowski, J.B.;   Lu, G.;   Moddel, G.;   Pagano-Stauffer, L.A.;   Rice, R.A.;   Shen, J.;   Yang, B.;   Yao, J.;   Zhang, G.;   Zhao, D.

Publication Titles

1989: High-speed binary optically addressed spatial light modulator
1993: Photophysics of a 2,7-dimethoxy-N-methylcarbazole-based polysiloxane
1994: Time-resolved luminescence technique as a probe for phase transitions in some polysiloxane liquid crystals bearing the chromophore 2,7-dimethoxy-N-methylcarbazole (DMNMC) as a pendant group
1999: Ab initio study of phospholipid headgroups: GPE and GPC
2002: Fabricating Ordered Voids in a Colloidal Crystal Film-Substrate System by Using Organic Liquid Patterns as Templates
2004: Statistical analysis of airport network of China


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