Index Name

Li, T.-J.

Alternative Writings

Li, T.J.;   Li, T.j.

Similar Names

Li, Tie-Jin


Cao, Y.-W.;   Chai, W.-P.;   Chai, X.-D.;   Chen, S.-G.;   Jiang, Y.-S.;   Lehn, Jean-Marie;   Liu, J.Z.;   Lu, R.;   Wang, D.J.;   Wu, Z.W.;   Yang, W.-S.;   Zhang, P.;   Zhang, S.-J.

Publication Titles

1995: Formation of mesophase by hydrogen bond directed self-assembly between barbituric acid and melamine derivatives
1998: Heterostructure of silicon/organized-polymer-film with varied liquid crystalline states: a photovoltaic study

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