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Li, Quan

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Li, Q.;   Liu, Quan;   Quan, Li


Anderson, James E.;   Bos, Philip J.;   Bricker, Rebecca L.;   Bunning, Timothy J.;   Cai, Jing;   Chapman, Brandon D.;   Chen, Cheng;   Chen, Jun-Rong;   Chen, Xian-Kai;   Cheng, Stephen Z.D.;   Cross, Julie O.;   Dai, Liming;   El Khoury, Jouliana M.;   Gao, Cai-Yan;   Harden, John;   Hiremath, Uma S.;   Hu, Jing-Dan;   Hu, Ping;   Huang, Fang-qian;   Jákli, Antal;   Kang, Shin-Woong;   Kim, Julie;   Kulkarni, Rahul R.;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Li, Lanfang;   Li, Langfang;   Li, Yannian;   Liao, Guangxun;   Liu, Huan-Ying;   Luo, Kai-Jun;   Ma, Ji;   Nakata, Michi;   Narayanan, T.;   Natarajan, Lalgudi V.;   Park, Heung-Shik;   Pindak, Ron;   Prasad, Subbarao Krishna;   Qu, Liangti;   Rao, Doddamane S. Shankar;   Shashikala, Indudhara Swamy;   Sun, Qingjiang;   Tabiryan, Nelson V.;   Urbas, Augustine;   Wang, Bi-Qin;   White, Timothy;   White, Timothy J.;   Williams, Jarrod;   Xu, Bu-Yi;   Xu, Hong-Bo;   Yelamaggad, Channabasaveshwar V.;   Zhang, Liang-Fu;   Zhao, Ke-Qing;   Zhou, Xiaoli

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2005: Reversible Photoresponsive Chiral Liquid Crystals Containing a Cholesteryl Moiety and Azobenzene Linker
2005: Synthesis and mesomorphism of new liquid crystals with CH2O and CH=N linkages
2005: Synthesis of new triphenylene-containing discotic liquid crystals and the influence of fluorophilic effect and molecular symmetry on mesomorphism
2006: Blue Phase, Smectic Fluids, and Unprecedented Sequences in Liquid Crystal Dimers
2006: DFT study on the molecular structure and spectra of new liquid crystal with CH2O and CH=N linkages
2006: Fluorine containing nonsymmetrical five-ring achiral banana-shaped compounds with columnar and synclinic antiferroelectric layered phases
2006: Improved liquid crystals for vertical alignment applications
2006: Synthesis of triphenylene discotic liquid crystals substituted with ester or amide functional groups and the effect of hydrogen bonding on mesogenic behaviors
2007: Bilayer- and bulk-heterojunction solar cells using liquid crystalline porphyrins as donors by solution processing
2007: DFT study on the geometric structure and electronic spectra of liquid crystal porphyrin molecules with chiral side chains and luminescent characterization
2007: Liquid Crystal Trimers Composed of Banana-Shaped and Rodlike Anisometric Segments: Synthesis and Characterization
2007: Microfocus X-ray Diffraction Study of the Columnar Phase of Porphyrin-Based Mesogens
2007: New mesogen with thermotropic cubic phase: 3,4,5-tris-(11,11,12,12,13,13,14,14,15,15,16,16,16-tridecafluorohexadecyloxy)benzoic acid
2007: Study on structure and charge transport properties of the hexahydroxy-triphenylene
2007: Theoretical study on the structures and spectra of stilbazoles
2008: DFT study on the effect of different peripheral chains on charge transport properties of triphenylene derivatives
2008: Nature-inspired light-harvesting liquid crystalline porphyrins for organic photovoltaics
2008: Self-Assembly of Porphyrin and Fullerene Supramolecular Complex into Highly Ordered Nanostructure by Simple Thermal Annealing
2008: Study on structure and spectra of bis(p-methoxyphenyl) terephthalate
2008: Synthesis of Thiol Surfactant with Tunable Length as a Stabilizer of Gold Nanoparticles
2008: Theoretical study on spectra and second-order nonlinear optical properties of liquid crystal compound diphenyl terephthalates
2009: Impact of helical structure retention in phototunable polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals
2009: Self-assembly of discotic liquid crystal porphyrin into more controllable ordered nanostructure mediated by fluorophobic effect
2010: Light-driven nanoscale chiral molecular switch: reversible dynamic full range color phototuning


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