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Liu, Y.

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Li, Y.;   Liu, J.;   Liu, Ya;   Liu, Yalei;   Liu, Yan;   Liu, Yang;   Liu, Yangang;   Liu, Yange;   Liu, Yangqiao;   Liu, Yanhong;   Liu, Yanyan;   Liu, Yaojian;   Liu, Ye;   Liu, Yi;   Liu, Yibin;   Liu, Yifeng;   Liu, Yihong;   Liu, Yijie;   Liu, Yinfeng;   Liu, Ying;   Liu, Yingjie;   Liu, Yingkai;   Liu, Yingliang;   Liu, Yisi;   Liu, Yongjian;   Liu, Yongliang;   Liu, Yongqing;   Liu, Yongsong;   Liu, Yongxin;   Liu, Yongzhi;   Liu, Youcheng;   Liu, Youxi;   Liu, Youyan;   Liu, Yu;   Liu, Yubiao;   Liu, Yudi;   Liu, Yueming;   Liu, Yuexin;   Liu, Yufeng;   Liu, Yugu;   Liu, Yun;   Liu, Yunfen;   Liu, Yunling;   Liu, Yunwei;   Liu, Yunyang


Anders, S.;   Berger, L.;   Brown, H.R.;   Cossy-Favre, A.;   Diaz, J.;   Ding, F.;   Hanna, A.J.;   Holerca, M.N.;   Huang, D.;   Huang, J.;   Jung, B.-J.;   Katz, H.E.;   Kitamura, M.;   Lee, T.;   Locke, B.R.;   Percec, Virgil;   Ramey, B.A.;   Reich, D.H.;   Rill, R.L.;   Russell, T.P.;   Samant, M.G.;   Shen, B.;   Shui, J.;   Stöhr, J.;   Sun, J.;   Takahashi, T.;   Ungar, G.;   Wan, W.;   Xiang, S.;   Yang, J.;   Yeardley, D.J.P.;   Zeng, X.-B.;   Zhang, L.;   Zheng, H.;   van Winkle, D.H.

Publication Titles

1996: Cholesteric metallomesogens containing optically active metal-tricarbonyl moieties
1998: X-PEEM Study on Surface Orientation of Stylized and Rubbed Polyimides
1999: Capillary gel electrophoresis of nucleic acids in pluronic F127 copolymer liquid crystals
1999: Frequency-dependence of internal friction peak associated with phase transition of liquid crystal carboxylate
2001: Aromatization of Highly Alkyl-substituted Dihydroanthracenes Using n-BuLi/TMEDA/MeI
2002: A New 3-D Micellar Phase Between Columnar and Cubic - Observation, Structure and Rationale
2009: Tunability of Mobility and Conductivity over Large Ranges in Poly(3,3'''-didodecylquaterthiophene)/Insulating Polymer Composites


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Macromolecules, 31, 4957
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Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 281, 43

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