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Liu, H.

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Li, H.;   Liu, G.;   Liu, Hai;   Liu, Haiqing;   Liu, Haisong;   Liu, Haitao;   Liu, Haixia;   Liu, Haiyan;   Liu, Haiying;   Liu, Hanchen;   Liu, Hancheng;   Liu, Hao;   Liu, Hong;   Liu, Hongfang;   Liu, Hongjun;   Liu, Hongli;   Liu, Hongming;   Liu, Hongwu;   Liu, Hu;   Liu, Huan;   Liu, Huanxiang;   Liu, Huashan;   Liu, Hui;   Liu, Huibiao;   Liu, Huicai;   Liu, Huijin;   Liu, Huijing


Anisimov, M.A.;   Bladon, P.;   Clark, N.;   Collings, B.C.;   Genov, D.A.;   Guittard, F.;   Huang, C.C.;   Jiang, I.M.;   Kao, F.J.;   Kostko, A.F.;   Lam, L.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Lelievre, J.;   Liang, Z.C.;   Liu, Y.M.;   Mach, P.;   Martinez-Miranda, L.J.;   Morris, H.C.;   Naciri, J.;   Nastishin, Yu.A.;   Nguyen, T.;   Nohira, H.;   Shao, R.-F.;   Shashidhar, R.;   Shiyanovskii, S.V.;   Smela, E.;   Steele, J.M.;   Stoebe, T.;   Sun, C.;   Warner, M.;   Wedell, E.D.;   Wu, D.M.;   Yang, Deng-Ke;   Yang, S.L.;   Yin, Y.;   Zhang, X.;   Zheng, S.;   Zhu, S.-N.;   de Jeu, Wim H.

Publication Titles

1989: Dynamics of viscous fingers in Hele-Shaw cells of liquid crystals. Theory and experiment
1992: A differential scanning calorimetry study of melting transitions in aqueous suspensions containing blends of wheat and rice starch
1992: Biaxial effects in nematic comblike polymers
1994: Alignment of smectic liquid crystal molecules by grated glass and silicon substrates
1994: Structure of liquid crystals in a confined geometry
1995: A structural study of temperature influence on the effect of grated substrates on smectic liquid crystal films
1998: Surface Tension Obtained from Various Smectic Free-Standing Films: The Molecular Origin of Surface Tension
2004: Pretransitional fluctuations in the isotropic phase of a lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal
2006: Magnetic Plasmon Propagation Along a Chain of Connected Subwavelength Resonators at Infrared Frequencies
2007: Nematic-isotropic phase transition of binary liquid crystal mixtures


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