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Anna, S.L.;   Araoka, F.;   Bardon, S.;   Bellini, T.;   Boyer, C.;   Buivydas, M.;   Cady, A.;   Chao, C.-Y.;   Chattham, N.;   Chen, D.;   Chen, X.-H.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Coleman, D.;   Coleman, D.A.;   Fernsler, J.;   Fernández-Nieves, A.;   Glaser, Matthew A.;   Gouda, F.;   Górecka, Ewa;   Han, X.F.;   Heberling, M.S.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Ho, J.T.;   Hough, L.E.;   Huang, C.C.;   Ishikawa, K.;   Jang, W.G.;   Jones, C.D.;   Jung, H.T.;   Keast, Sandra S.;   Kreuke, D.;   Krüerke, Daniel;   Körblova, E.;   Lagerwall, J.P.F.;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Liu, Y.-H.;   Lo, C.R.;   Maclennan, J.E.;   Mondainn-Monval, O.;   Márquez, M.;   Nakata, M.;   Natale, G.;   Nelson, D.R.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Niwano, H.;   Olson, D.A.;   Ostrovskii, B.I.;   Pelzl, G.;   Pociecha, D.;   Rabe, J.P.;   Radzihovsky, L.;   Rudhardt, D.;   Rudquist, P.;   Shao, R.;   Shao, R.-F.;   Soto Bustamante, E.A.;   Stocker, W.;   Stone, H.A.;   Takanishi, Y.;   Takezoe, H.;   Thisayukta, J.;   Utada, A.S.;   Veum, M.;   Vitelli, V.;   Walba, David M.;   Walsh, M.;   Wand, M.D.;   Watanabe, J.;   Weissflog, W.;   Weitz, D.A.;   Wu, P.J.;   Yamamoto, K.;   Yang, H.T.;   Zasadzinksi, H.;   Zasadzinski, J.

Publication Titles

1996: Simultaneous observation of electric field coupling to longitudinal and transverse ferroelectricity in a chiral liquid crystal
1998: 17th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Strasbourg
1998: 5th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'98), Kobe
1999: Anticlinic Smectic-C Surfaces on Smectic-A Freely Suspended Liquid-Crystal Films
1999: Orientation Field Fracture in a Liquid Crystal: Metastable Anticlinic Molecular Tilt in Adjacent Layers in Smectic-C DOBAMBC and TFMHPOBC
1999: The case of thresholdless antiferroelectricity: polarization-stabilized twisted SmC* liquid crystals give V-shaped electro-optic response
2000: Bilayer-by-bilayer antiferroelectric ordering in freely suspended films of an achiral polymer-monomer liquid crystal mixture
2000: Ferroelectric phases in a chiral bent-core smectic liquid crystal: Dielectric and optical second-harmonic generation measurements
2000: Ring-Pattern Dynamics in Smectic-C* and Smectic-CA* Freely Suspended Liquid Crystal Films
2001: A racemic layer structure in a chiral bent-core ferroelectric liquid crystal
2001: Unusual Thickness-Dependent Thermal Behavior and Anticlinic Coupling in Chiral Smectic Free-Standing Liquid-Crystal Films
2002: Analysis of Twisted Conformation of Molecules in an Achiral Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystal by Polarized FT-IR Spectroscopy
2002: Citronellyl-Opimb: A Chiral Bent-Core Liquid Crystal
2002: Electro-optic characteristics of de Vries tilted smectic liquid crystals: Analog behavior in the smectic A* and smectic C* phases
2002: Liquid Crystal Induced Circular Dichroism(LCICD) in the B2 Phase of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals
2002: Nonplanar structure of molecular tilt planes in the surface layers of smectic-A free-standing liquid crystal films
2002: The B4 Phase of Bent-Core Molecules: A Chiral-Line Liquid
2002: The Novel TGB Structure of W376
2002: Unusual Thermal Behavior and Anticlinic Ordering in Chiral Smetic Free-Standing Liquid-Crystal Films
2003: Phase switching of ordered arrays of liquid crystal emulsions
2003: Polarization-Modulated Smectic Liquid Crystal Phases
2004: Electro-Optics of Bipolar Nematic Liquid Crystal Droplets
2004: Geometrically Mediated Breakup of Drops in Microfluidic Devices
2004: Unusual Thickness-Dependent Thermal Behavior in Chiral Smectic Free-Standing Liquid-Crystal Films
2006: Polarization dependent Bragg diffraction and electro-optic switching of three-dimensional assemblies of nematic liquid crystal droplets
2007: Novel Defect Structures in Nematic Liquid Crystal Shells
2007: Topological Changes in Bipolar Nematic Droplets under Flow
2009: Helical Nanofilament Phases


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