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Lindman, B.

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Lindman, Björn


Alexandridis, P.;   Ekwall, P.;   Engström, S.;   Feitosa, E.;   Fontell, K.;   Holmqvist, P.;   Jansson, J.;   Jokela, P.;   Jönsson, B.;   Khan, A.;   La Mesa, C.;   Lindblom, G.;   Lindblom, Göran;   Maciejewska, D.;   Sadaghiani, A.;   Stilbs, P.;   Söderman, O.;   Tiddy, Gordon J.T.;   Wennerström, H.

Publication Titles

1969: Solutions of alkali soaps and water in fatty acids IV. NMR investigation of the sodium ion binding in solutions of sodium caprylate and water in caprylic acid
1971: Ion binding in liquid crystals studied by NMR. II. Chlorine-35 second-order quadrupole interactions in lamellar mesophase
1974: Theoretical aspects on the NMR of quadrupolar ionic nuclei in micellar solutions and amphiphilic liquid crystals
1975: Counterion quadrupole splittings in lyotropic liquid crystals. Determination of the sign of the order parameter
1978: Ion binding studied using quadrupole splittings of sodium-23(1+) ions in lyotropic liquid crystals. The dependence on surfactant type
1979: Ion condensation model and nuclear magnetic resonance studies of counterion binding in lyotropic liquid crystals
1980: Ion binding in amphiphile water systems. A comparison between electrostatic theories and NMR experiments
1983: NMR of liquid crystals and micellar solutions
1984: Liquid crystallinity in systems of magnesium and calcium surfactants. Phase diagrams and phase structures in binary aqueous systems of magnesium and calcium di-2-ethylhexylsulfosuccinate
1985: Amphiphilic systems. Some basic aspects
1985: Phase diagrams and NMR studies of some ternary sodium deoxycholate-surfactant-water systems
1985: Some observations on liquid crystallinity in barium surfactant systems
1986: Magnesium and calcium surfactants. Ternary phase diagrams of magnesium and calcium dodecylsulfate with decanol and water
1987: Hexadecyltrimethylammonium sulfate-water system. Phase diagram and micellization
1991: Catanionic surfactants: phase behavior and microemulsions
1997: Modification of the Microstructure in Poloxamer Block Copolymer-Water-"Oil" Systems by Varying the "Oil" Type
2006: The effect of chain length on the melting temperature and size of dialkyldimethylammonium bromide vesicles


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