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Lifka, Thorsten

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Lifka, T.;   Lifka, Th.


Kalbitz, Helga;   Meier, H.;   Meier, Herbert;   Müller, Klaus;   Oehlhof, Annette;   Prehl, Sabine;   Stalmach, Ulf

Publication Titles

1995: 3,6-Bis(2-arylethenyl)-1,2,4-tetrazines - Synthesis, LC properties, and photochemistry
1995: Selectivity in the direction of photoisomerization reactions in liquid-crystalline guest-host systems
2008: (E,E,E)-4,4'-distyrylstilbenes-synthesis, photophysics, photochemistry and phase behavior
2009: Mesomorphic Donor-Acceptor-substituted 1,4-Distyrylbenzenes

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