Index Name

Lien, Shui-Chin Alan

Alternative Writings

Lien, S.-C.A.;   Lien, S.C.A.;   Lien, Shui-Chin A.;   Lien, Shuichin Alan

Similar Names

Lien, A.;   Lien, Alan;   Lien, S.A.;   Lien, S.C.;   Lien, Shui-Chih;   Lien, Shui-Chih A.;   Lien, Shui-Chih Alan


Cahudahri, Praveen;   Callegari, Alessandro Cesare;   Callegari, Alessandro Cessare;   Chaudhari, Praveen;   Doyle, James Patrick;   Dyle, Mames Patrick;   Farrell, Curtis E.;   Lacey, James Andrew;   Purushothaman, Sampath;   Samant, Maheshu Covindo;   Samant, Maheshu Govindo;   Speidel, James L.;   Stoa, Joachim

Publication Titles

1997: Particle beam alignment of liquid crystals
1998: Alignment of liquid crystals by particle beam irradiation for display cell
1999: Film deposition method for alignment film formation for liquid crystal display device
1999: Method for manufacture of liquid crystal display device alignment film without using solvent and method for alignment thereof using particle beam

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