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Liaw, Der-Jang

Alternative Writings

Liaw, D.-J.;   Liaw, D.J.


Chen, Hsin-Lung;   Hsiao, Ming-Siao;   Hung, Hsien-Jung;   Liu, Jui-Hsiang;   Shyu, Jiing-Shen;   Tsai, Jang-Shiang;   Yang, Jen-Ming;   Yang, Po-Chih

Publication Titles

1996: Miscible blends of polystyrene and poly(.epsilon.-caprolactone) with phenylacetylene-carbon monoxide alternating copolymer
2000: A Mesomorphic Blend Based on the Solid-State Complexes of Polymers with Surfactants
2007: Photochemical tuning capability of cholesteric liquid crystal cells containing chiral dopants end capped with menthyl groups

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