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Liao, Guangxun

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Liao, G.


Abeygunaratne, Sugat;   Allen, Michael;   Allen, Michael P.;   Andrienko, Denis;   Andrienko, Dennis;   Gao, Hongjin;   Glushchenko, Anatoliy;   Glushchenko, Anatoliy V.;   Hagerty, J.;   Hashim, Rauzah;   Hiremath, Uma S.;   Jákli, Antal;   Kelly, Jack R.;   Lavrentovich, Oleg D.;   Li, Quan;   Pelzl, Gerhard;   Prasad, Subbarao Krishna;   Rao, Doddamane S. Shankar;   Reznikov, Yuri;   Reznikov, Yuriy;   Senyuk, Bohdan;   Shashikala, Indudhara Swamy;   Smalyukh, Ivan I.;   Sprunt, Samuel;   Stojadinovic, Strahinja;   Vill, Volkmar;   Weissflog, Wolfgang;   West, John L.;   Yelamaggad, Channabasaveshwar V.;   Zewe, S.K.;   Zhang, Ke

Publication Titles

2001: Synthesis of photosensitive polyimide and its application as alignment layer in LCUs
2002: Drag on particles in a nematic suspension by a moving nematic-isotropic interface
2002: Mechanism of Formation of Three Dimensional Structures of Formed By Particles Dispersed in a Liquid Crystal
2004: Mechanism of Formation of Three Dimensional Structures of Particles in a Liquid Crystal
2004: Optically isotropic ferroelectric liquid crystal phase
2005: Electro-rotation and electro-translation of colloidal particles in liquid crystals
2005: Mechanical and Electro-Optical Properties of Unconventional Liquid Crystal Systems
2006: Blue Phase, Smectic Fluids, and Unprecedented Sequences in Liquid Crystal Dimers
2006: Fluorine containing nonsymmetrical five-ring achiral banana-shaped compounds with columnar and synclinic antiferroelectric layered phases
2006: Thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of amphiphilic branched chain glycolipids
2008: Colloidal micromotor in smectic A liquid crystal driven by DC electric field


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