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Lesieur, Pierre

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Lesieur, P.


Arbel-Haddad, Michal;   Barraud, André;   Bourgaux, Claudie;   Charon, Daniel;   Dahbi, Louisa;   Duchêne, Dominique;   Lesieur, Sylviane;   Lopez, Christelle;   Muguet, Valérie;   Ollivon, Michel;   Riaublanc, Alain;   Ringard-Lefebvre, Catherine;   Vandevyver, Michel;   Wouessidjewe, Denis

Publication Titles

1987: Defect characterization and detection in Langmuir-Blodgett films
2000: Phase behavior of fully hydrated DMPC-amphiphilic cyclodextrin systems
2006: A long ripple phase in DLPC–decylglucoside mixture evidenced by synchrotron SAXS coupled to DSC
2006: Milk fat and primary fractions obtained by dry fractionation: 1. Chemical composition and crystallisation properties

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