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Lelidis, I.

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Lelidis, Ioannis


Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza;   Asnacios, S.;   Barbero, G.;   Blanc, C.;   Dozov, I.;   Durand, G.;   Evangelista, L.R.;   Galatola, P.;   Giocondo, M.;   Kleman, M.;   Martin, J.-L.;   Martin, J.L.;   Martinot-Lagarde, Ph.;   Meyer, C.;   Nobili, M.;   Polossat, E.;   Scalerandi, M.;   Zelazna, M.;   Zuodar, N.;   Zvezdin, A.K.;   Öedman, C.

Publication Titles

1992: Macroscopic and Microscopic Electric Field Induced Change of Order Parameter in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
1993: Electric-field-induced change of the order parameter in a nematic liquid crystal
1993: Electric-field-induced isotropic-nematic phase transition
1994: Electrically Induced Isotropic-Nematic-Smectic-A Phase Transitions in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
1994: Electrically induced isotropic-nematic-smectic-A phase transitions in thermotropic liquid crystals
1996: Electrothermal effect in nematic liquid crystal
1996: Landau model of electric field induced smectic phases in thermotropic liquid crystals
1997: Fast bistable nematic display from coupled surface anchoring breaking
1997: Thermal entropic effect at the electric field induced isotropic-nematic transition
1998: Prewetting transition induced by an external bulk field
1998: Surface effects in field-induced smectic transitions
1999: Dislocation mobility in smectic liquid crystals
2000: Static and dynamic observations of dislocations and other defects in smectic cano wedges
2002: Nonspontaneous surface-induced nematic phase
2002: Periodic deformations in nematic liquid crystals
2002: Surface Induced Non-Spontaneous Nematic Phase
2003: Flexoelectric instability in nematic cells with weak anchoring energy
2003: Influence of substrate nature and growth conditions on the morphology of thin DMOAP films
2003: Modulated structures of flexoelectric origin in nematic liquid crystals
2003: Splay-bend periodic deformation in nematic liquid crystal slabs
2003: Spontaneous periodic distortions in nematic liquid crystals: Dependence on the tilt angle
2004: Role of Microscopic Defects in the Plasticity of Lamellar Materials
2004: Surface-Induced Phases in Smectogenic Compounds
2005: Do lamellar liquid crystals flow like solids?
2007: Relaxation Times of an Electrolytic Cell Subject to an External Electric Field: Role of Ambipolar and Free Diffusion Phenomena
2007: Surface stabilized layer of a surface drying phase


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