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Leiserowitz, Leslie

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Leiserowitz, L.


Arad, Talmon;   Bouwman, Wim G.;   Kaganer, Vladimir M.;   Kjaer, Kristian;   Kuzmenko, Ivan;   Lahav, Meir;   Majewski, Jaroslaw;   Margulis, Lev;   Nielsen, Jens Als;   Popovitz-Biro, Ronit;   Talmon, Yeshayahu;   Weinbach, Susan P.;   Weissbuch, Isabelle

Publication Titles

1995: Electron microscopy studies of amphiphilic self-assemblies on vitreous ice
1995: Self-assembled crystalline monolayers and multilayers of n-alkanes on the water surface
1998: Packing of Hydrocarbon Chains and Symmetry of Condensed Phases in Langmuir Monolayers

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