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Lehmann, M.

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Lehmann, Matthias;   Lehmann, Mattias


Anokhin, D.V.;   Barberá, J.;   Bolm, C.;   Bondar, A.;   Bondar, A.I.;   Bras, W.;   Cavero, E.;   Debije, M.G.;   Donnio, B.;   El-Sayed, M.;   Fetten, M.;   Gearba, R.;   Gearba, R.I.;   Geerts, Y.H.;   Gemming, S.;   Goderis, B.;   Gorelik, Tatiana;   Grozema, F.;   Holst, H.C.;   Ivanov, D.;   Ivanov, D.A.;   Jahr, M.;   Koch, M.H.J.;   Kolb, Ute;   Kumar, S.;   Köhn, C.;   Köhn, Ch.;   Levin, J.;   López, D.;   Magnus, A.;   Marcos, M.;   Meier, H.;   Moll, G.;   Müller, M.;   Pakula, T.;   Petermann, R.;   Piris, J.;   Piñol, R.;   Popov, I.;   Schnorpfeil, C.;   Schollmeyer, D.;   Serrano, J.L.;   Seus, P.;   Siebbeles, L.D.A.;   Sierra, T.;   Stalmach, U.;   Sugino, T.;   Wang, S.-W.;   Weickhardt, K.

Publication Titles

1997: Photosensitive Liquid Crystals in the Series of Radial Oligophenylenevinylenes and Related Dendrimers
1998: Photochemistry of stilbenoid compounds - Ways from photochemistry to materials science
2000: Selective and statistical CC-bonding by photolysis of discotic and dendritic compounds
2001: Rigid Chiral Building Blocks for Copper(II)- and Palladium(II)-Containing Liquid Crystals
2002: Helical Columnar Organisations from Polycatenar Metallomesogens
2003: Photoactive columnar LC phases in the series of annulenes and dendrimers
2003: Shape persistent v-shaped molecules: Dependence of linking angle and symmetry on mesomorphic behaviour
2003: Star-shaped mesogens with a 1,3,5-benzene core as non-conventional columnar liquid crystals
2003: Tailoring Discotic Mesophases: Columnar Order Enforced with Hydrogen Bonds
2004: Nematic LC phases from shape-persistent V-shaped molecules with lateral alkoxy chains
2004: New Star-shaped Mesogens with Three Different Arms on a 1,3,5-Benzene Core
2004: Rigid Phenylene Ethynylene Units Linked by A V-shaped Centre. An Approach to Biaxial Nematogens?
2005: Efficient Synthesis of Non-C3-symmetrical Star-Shaped Mesogens
2005: Rigid V-shaped mesogens with a nitro-substituted bending unit
2005: Synthesis and characterization of acceptor-substituted triphenylene derivatives
2005: Templating Crystal Growth at the Nanometer-Scale with a Monotropic Columnar Mesophase
2006: Influence of naphtalene chromophores on the phase behaviour of star shaped mesogens
2006: Shape persistent bent mesogens: Biaxial molecules forming biaxial nematic phases
2006: Star-shaped oligobenzoates: Programming supramolecular aggregation in liquid crystalline phases
2006: V-shaped nematics: Phase engineering towards enantiotropic biaxial nematic phase
2007: Homeotropic Alignment of Columnar Liquid Crystals in Open Films by Means of Surface Nanopatterning
2007: Non-conventional star shaped mesogens with functional units
2007: Polymorphism in liquid crystals from star-shaped mesogens
2007: Stabilisation of mesophases formed by V-shaped shape-persistent nematogens
2007: Undulated columnar liquid crystals from star-shaped mesogens
2008: Star shaped mesogens forming helical columnar mesophases


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