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Lee, S.-W.

Alternative Writings

Lee, S.W.;   Lee, S.w.

Similar Names

Lee, C.-W.;   Lee, Sang-Won;   Lee, Sang-Woo;   Lee, Sang-Wook;   Lee, Seung-Woo;   Lee, Seung-Wook;   Lee, Seung-Wuk;   Lee, Soo-Won;   Lee, Sun-Woo


Belcher, A.M.;   Chae, G.S.;   Cho, B.S.;   Cho, M.-S.;   Jang, J.;   Jung, J.C.;   Kang, B.J.;   Kim, B.-H.;   Kim, H.-C.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, S.-I.;   Kim, Y.-B.;   Kong, J.-I.;   Lee, B.;   Lee, C.J.;   Lee, J.G.;   Lee, K.-H.;   Lee, S.-K.;   Lee, W.H.;   Park, J.-H.;   Park, Y.H.;   Ree, M.;   Rim, Y.N.;   Soh, H.S.;   Sohn, B.-H.;   Woo, H.-G.;   Woo, I.K.;   Yang, H.J.;   Yoon, H.-J.

Publication Titles

2000: Alignment behavior of liquid-crystal molecules on the surface of photoreactive polymer films treated by UV-irradiation and rubbing
2000: Fully rodlike polyimides containing flexible side chains with various lengths and their ability to align liquid-crystals on the rubbed surface
2000: Liquid-crystal alignment on the rubbed film surface of semi-flexible co-polyimides containing n-alkyl side groups
2000: Poly(ethylene-co-ethyleneoxyethylene terephthalate)s: synthesis and non-isothermal crystallization behavior
2001: A New Class of Photoreactive Polymers for Liquid-Crystals Displays: Synthesis and Properties
2001: A Rodlike Polymer with Various Side Chain Lengths and its Ability to Align Liquid-Crystals
2001: A self-passivated Cu(Mg) gate electrode for an amorphous silicon thin-film transistor
2001: New Photoreactive Polymers Containing Short Side Chains as Orientation Layer Materials: Effect od Side Chain Lenths on the Alignment of Liquid Crystals
2001: Synthesis and characterization of novel polyimides bearing a side chain composed of stilbene mesogen and undecyl spacer and the alignment ability of nematic liquid-crystal molecules
2001: Synthesis and characterization of novel polyimides containing stilbene unit in the side chain and their controllability of nematic liquid crystal alignment on the rubbed surfaces
2003: Virus-Based Alignment of Inorganic, Organic, and Biological Nanosized Materials
2004: Catenation of 1,1-dichlorotertaphenylsilole and 1,1-dichlorotetraphenylgermole to optoelectronic polymers


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