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Lee, J.-C.

Alternative Writings

Lee, J.C.;   Lee, J.c.

Similar Names

Lee, Jae-Cheul;   Lee, Jeong-Chang;   Lee, Jiunn-Chyi;   Lee, Jong-Chan;   Lee, Jong-Cheon;   Lee, Jong-Choen;   Lee, Jong-Chon


Allender, D.W.;   Bata, L.;   Choi, C.H.;   Choi, D.-H.;   Chung, S.E.;   Ewing, R.;   Fodor-Csorba, Katalin;   Gacs-Baitz, E.;   Ha, Young-Ki;   Holly, S.;   Jacobs, S.D.;   Jain, P.L.;   Jeon, Y.-J.;   Jin, S.-H.;   Kang, S.-W.;   Kang, W.W.;   Kee, C.-S.;   Kim, B.K.;   Kim, J.-E.;   Kim, Y.-B.;   Ko, Y.W.;   Lee, C.-H.;   Lee, J.S.;   Lee, S.-S.;   Lim, H.;   Moses, H.A.;   Neff, V.D.;   Ok, Y.S.;   Park, H.Y.;   Park, J.-K.;   Raja, V.N.;   Rao, D.S. Shankar;   Rao, D.S.S.;   Schmid, A.;   Shivkumar, B.;   Spence, R.D.;   Ujszaszy, K.;   Vajda, A.;   Yang, Y.-C.

Publication Titles

1953: Proton magnetic resonance in liquid crystals
1954: Proton magnetic resonance in compounds having several liquid-crystal phases
1955: Proton Magnetic Resonance in Liquid Crystals-Orientation Effects
1989: Effects of anchoring under intense optical fields in a cholesteric liquid crystal
1992: The Effect of Homeotropic Surface Anchoring on the Critical Voltage for Unwinding the Cholesteric Phase
1994: New ferroelectric liquid crystal having biphenyl ester core group
1994: PVC/nematic liquid crystal for light shutter
1995: Asia Display'95 Proceedings
1995: New alignment materials having polyconjugated double bond for ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
1995: Surface alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystal by main chain liquid crystal polymer layers
1995: Synthesis of liquid crystals containing chlorine on the chiral center
1996: Rubbing induced orientation of a side chain liquid crystalline polymer with high pretilt angle
1996: Temperature dependence of the pretilt angle generated on the rubbed surface of a side chain liquid crystalline polymer
1997: Temperature dependence of polar anchoring strength of nematic liquid crystal aligned on rubbed side chain liquid crystalline polymer
1998: Aluminum gate metal full-capped with molybdenum for the next generation TFT LCD panels
1999: Chiral smectic C phases exhibited by biphenyl resorcylate and vanillate derivatives
1999: Polymerization-induced phase separation
2000: A four-site model for elongated liquid crystal molecules
2001: Temperature effect on the rubbing-induced optical phase retardation of a side group liquid crystalline polymer film
2001: Tunable omnidirectional reflection bands and defect modes of a one-dimensional photonic band gap structure with liquid crystals


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