Index Name

Lee, H.-J.

Alternative Writings

Lee, H.J.;   Lee, H.j.

Similar Names

Lee, H.-Y.;   Lee, Hae-Jeong;   Lee, Hee-Jeong;   Lee, Hyuk-Jae;   Lee, Hyun-Jeong;   Lee, Hyung-Jong


Akagi, K.;   Aleshin, A.N.;   Arnold, S.M.;   Gal, Y.-S.;   Jin, S.-H.;   Kim, S.Y.;   Lim, K.T.;   Park, Y.W.;   Tzou, H.S.

Publication Titles

2004: One-Dimensional Transport in Polymer Nanofibers
2004: Smart Materials, Precision Sensors/Actuators, Smart Structures, and Structronic Systems
2004: Synthesis and chiro-optical properties of polyacetylene derivative with optically active moieties

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