Index Name

Lee, C.-K.

Alternative Writings

Lee, C.K.;   Lee, C.k.

Similar Names

Lee, Chao-Kuei;   Lee, Chih-Kung;   Lee, Chong-Kwang;   Lee, S.-K.


Abeygunaratne, Sugat;   Akagi, K.;   Bai, F.;   Chen, Jack C.C.;   Chen, Kuan-Ting;   Chen, Yu Yin;   Cheng, S.Z.D.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Choi, E-J.;   Huang, T.W.;   Jákli, Antal;   Katayama, S.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, Y.K.;   Kitagaki, T.;   Lee, C.-S.;   Lee, H.-W.;   Lee, K.M.;   Lee, Y.-S.;   Li, Y.;   Lin, Ivan J.B.;   Liu, C.W.;   Nair, G.G.;   Nair, Geetha G.;   Park, C.;   Park, Yung Woo;   Petschek, Rolfe;   Shirakawa, Hideki;   Sun, R.;   Sun, R.P.;   Vasam, Chandra Sekhar;   Wang, H.M.J.;   Yang, R.Y.;   Zin, W.-C.

Publication Titles

1987: Electronic structure of the polyacetylene film oriented by a liquid crystal solvent under magnetic field
1996: Nematic liquid crystal variable retarder and retardation modulator
1999: Spontaneous formation of double-twisted helix in a banana-shaped liquid crystal and isoregic chiral smectic C polyester
1999: Thermally Stable Mesomorphic Palladium(II)-Carbene Complexes
2000: Helical superstructure from an achiral banana-shaped liquid crystal
2001: Antiferroelectric liquid crystal from a banana-shaped achiral molecule
2001: Electro-disclinic effect in tilted smectic phases of banana-shaped liquid crystal materials
2001: Macroscopic chirality of a liquid crystal from nonchiral molecules
2002: Surface Effects on Liquid Crystals of Bent-Shaped Molecules
2006: Silver(I) N-Heterocyclic Carbenes with Long N-Alkyl Chains
2008: The effect of environmental temperature on the performance of piezoelectric transformer


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Organometallics, 25, 3768
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