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Lee, C.-H.

Alternative Writings

Lee, C.H.;   Lee, C.h.

Similar Names

Lee, Chang-Hoon;   Lee, Chang-Hun;   Lee, Cheng-Hua;   Lee, Cheol-Hee;   Lee, Cheong-Hee;   Lee, Chi-Han;   Lee, Chia-Hua;   Lee, Chii-Hua;   Lee, S.-H.


Chang, S.-L.;   Chen, S.-Y.;   Choi, D.-H.;   Chu, H.-H.;   Fujii, A.;   Fujiwara, Y.;   Fujiwara, Y.S.;   Ham, J.M.;   Huang, Wu-Jang;   Ikeda, T.;   Ishikawa, K.;   Kang, J.K.;   Kang, K.H.;   Kim, H.-Y.;   Kitamura, T.;   Ko, Y.W.;   Lee, B.;   Lee, C.E.;   Lee, Cheol Eui;   Lee, J.-C.;   Lee, K.-W.;   Lee, S.-H.;   Lee, T.C.;   Lin, J.-Y.;   Lin, K.L.;   Matsuhisa, Y.;   Matsumoto, M.;   Miyake, I.;   Nakata, M.;   Oh, H.S.;   Oh, S.-Y.;   Ozaki, M.;   Park, H.-S.;   Park, I.C.;   Park, J.S.;   Rhee, C.;   Rho, B.G.;   Sano, Y.;   Sasaki, T.;   Shie, J.L.;   Takanishi, Y.;   Takezoe, H.;   Taniguchi, Y.;   Tazuke, S.;   Tsai, H.-E.;   Wang, J.;   Wang, K.-M.;   Wang, K.S.;   Watanabe, J.;   Wen, L.-C.;   Xiao, Y.-F.;   Yamamoto, T.;   Yoshida, H.

Publication Titles

1967: Second Harmonic Generation of light from crystal in liquid crystal
1990: Excimer formation in main-chain polymer liquid crystals with mesogenic p-phenylenediacrylic acids
1996: Coupling reaction of alkynylcopper reagents. A new access to liquid-crystalline 1,3-butadiynes
1996: Critical dynamics in layer-structured (C18H37NH3)2SnCl6
1996: Trans. Mater. Res. Soc. Jpn.
1997: Rubbing-free, vertically aligned nematic liquid crystal display controlled by in-plane field
1997: Transformation of liquid-crystalline diaryldiacetylenes to liquid-crystalline 2,5-diarylthiophenes
1998: Aluminum gate metal full-capped with molybdenum for the next generation TFT LCD panels
1999: Liquid crystalline critical dynamics in decylammonium chloride
2000: Management of scrap computer recycling in Taiwan
2001: Synthesis and characterization of a new class of liquid - crystalline , highly luminescent molecules containing a 2,4,6-triphenyl-1,3,5-triazine unit
2001: Synthesis of Liquid Crystals with Bent-Rod Structure: 4-Methylthiazole Derivatives with Nematic Phase
2002: Does the Biaxial Nematic Exist in Bent-Core Mesogensc
2004: Characteristics of organic el device using a pppma blue light emitting polymer doped with fluorescent dyes
2004: Control of laser-beam propagation and absorption in a nanoplasma gas by programming of a transient complex refractive index with a prepulse
2004: Publisher's Note: Control of laser-beam propagation and absorption in a nanoplasma gas by programming of a transient complex refractive index with a prepulse [Phys. Rev. E 69, 035403 (2004)]
2007: Bottom-Up Fabrication of Photonic Defect Structures in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Based on Laser-Assisted Modification of the Helix
2009: The utilization of thin film transistor liquid crystal display waste glass as a pozzolanic material


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