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Lazzaroni, R.

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Lazzaroni, Roberto


Aimé, J.P.;   Biscarini, F.;   Borsali, R.;   Cavallini, M.;   Cooper, H.J.;   Cornet, V.;   Deffieux, A.;   Derrick, P.J.;   Feast, W.J.;   Kilbinger, A.F.M.;   Leclere, Ph.;   Leclère, Ph.;   McDonell, L.A.;   Meijer, E.W.;   Meskers, S.C.J.;   Minatti, E.;   Rossini, S.;   Ruani, G.;   Schappacher, M.;   Schenning, A.P.H.J.;   Surin, M.;   Taliani, C.;   Viville, P.;   Zamboni, R.

Publication Titles

1990: New rigid rod liquid crystal molecule precursor of conjugated polymers: .alpha.-sexithienyl
2002: Supramolecular Organization of .alpha.,.alpha.'-Disubstituted Sexithiophenes
2003: Micellar Morphological Changes Promoted by Cyclization of PS-b-PI Copolymer: DLS and AFM Experiments
2005: Dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy Analysis of Polymer Materials: Beyond Imaging Their Surface Morphology

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