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Lavrentovich, Oleg D.

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Lavrentovich, O.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Lavrentovich, Oleg


Agarwal, Ashish;   Artyushkova, Kateryna;   Baldwin, Alan R.;   Bodnar, Vladimir G.;   Bos, P.;   Bos, Philip J.;   Bramley, Erica;   Broadwater, Laurie;   Butler, John C.;   Choi, M.C.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Finotello, Daniele;   Fulghum, Julia E.;   Garg, Shila;   Glaser, Matthew A.;   Golovin, Andrii;   Golovin, Andrii B.;   Grüneberg, Kirsten A.;   Gu, Mingxia;   Gustely, Erin;   Jeong, Hyeon Su;   Jung, Hee-Tae;   Jákli, Antal;   Kachynski, Alexander V.;   Kang, Shin-Woong;   Kelly, Jack R.;   Kim, Mahn-Won;   Kim, Yun-Ho;   Kleman, Maurice;   Kotov, Nicholas A.;   Koval'chuk, Alexandr V.;   Kreminska, Liubov;   Krentsel, Tatiana A.;   Kumar, Satyendra;   Kuzmin, Andrey N.;   Lansac, Yves;   Li, Lanfang;   Li, Zili;   Liao, Guangxun;   Lui, Hui;   Marusii, T.Ya.;   Miranda, Felix A.;   Miranda, Félix A.;   Naciri, Jawad W.;   Nastishin, Yuriy;   Nastishin, Yuriy A.;   Nastishyn, Y.;   Nazarenko, Vassil G.;   Neupane, Yuriy A.;   Park, Heung-Shik;   Pergamenshchik, V.M.;   Pishnyak, Oleg;   Pishnyak, Oleg P.;   Pollack, R.;   Pouch, John J.;   Prasad, Paras N.;   Purdy, Kirstin;   Reznikov, Yu.A.;   Saar, Brian G.;   Schneider, Tod;   Senyuk, Bohdan;   Senyuk, Bohdan I.;   Sergan, V.V.;   Shashidhar, Ranganathan;   Shenoy, Devanand K.;   Shiyanovskii, Sergey V.;   Shiyanovskii, Sergij V.;   Smalyukh, I.I.;   Smalyukh, Ivan I.;   Smith, Ashley;   Sprunt, Samuel;   Subacius, D.;   Titus, Charles M.;   Tortora, Luana;   Voloschenko, D.;   Voloschenko, Dmitry;   Winker, Bruce K.;   Wonderly, Hugh A.;   Wong, Gerard C.;   Woolverton, Christopher J.;   Xie, X. Sunney;   Yin, Ye;   Yoon, Dong Ki;   Zalar, Bostjan;   Zeng, Huairen;   Zribi, Olena V.

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1989: Determination of the energy of anchoring of a nematic liquid crystal by two independent testing methods
1991: Threshold of structural transition in nematic drops with normal boundary conditions in AC electric field
1992: Just thin nematic films…
1994: Surface anchoring and growth pattern of the field-driven first-order transition in a smectic-A liquid crystal
1996: Liquid-crystal electrooptical display device
1997: In-situ x-ray measurements of light-controlled layer spacing in a smectic-A liquid crystal
1999: Device properties and polar anchoring of nematic molecules at photodimerized surfaces
1999: Efficient accurate liquid crystal digital light deflector
1999: Fast beam steering cholesteric diffractive devices
1999: Modulated structures with field-controlled direction and periodicity in SmC* liquid crystals
1999: Photocontrolled nanophase segregation in a liquid-crystal solvent
2000: Curvature energy of a focal conic domain with arbitrary eccentricity
2000: Deuteron NMR investigation of a photomechanical effect in a smectic-A liquid crystal
2001: Diffraction grating with electrically controlled periodicity
2002: Bulk alignment of lyotropic Liquid crystals
2002: Nanostructured Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals
2002: Tactoidal Droplets in Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystalline Systems
2003: Electric field-induced nucleation and growth of focal-conic and stripe domains in a smectic A liquid crystal
2003: Fast switching dual-frequency liquid crystal optical retarder, driven by an amplitude and frequency modulated voltage
2005: Electro-rotation and electro-translation of colloidal particles in liquid crystals
2005: Focused laser beams and liquid crystals: fast three-dimensional imaging of structures and topological defects
2005: Gradient beam steering device based on a nematic cell with continuous ramp of the phase retardation
2005: Liquid Crystal Digital Beam Steering Device Based on Decoupled Birefringent Deflector and Polarization Rotator
2005: Liquid crystal effects on bacterial viability
2005: Non-lithographic photo-induced patterning of polymers from Liquid crystal solvents with spatially modulated director fields
2005: Oriented Monolayers Prepared from Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystal
2006: Achromatic linear polarization switch for visible and near infrared radiation based on dual-frequency twisted nematic cell
2006: Directed vertical alignment liquid crystal display with fast switching
2006: Electrically controlled negative refraction in a nematic liquid crystal
2006: Optical Trapping, Manipulation, and 3D Imaging of Disclinations in Liquid Crystals and Measurement of their Line Tension
2006: Smectic-A-filled birefringent elements and fast switching twisted dual-frequency nematic cells used for digital light deflection
2006: Structure and Dynamics of Liquid Crystalline Pattern Formation in Drying Droplets of DNA
2007: Effects of Dielectric Relaxation on the Director Dynamics of Uniaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals
2007: Internal structure visualization and lithographic use of periodic toroidal holes in liquid crystals
2007: Three-Dimensional Imaging of Chemical Bond Orientation in Liquid Crystals by Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy
2008: Colloidal micromotor in smectic A liquid crystal driven by DC electric field
2008: Controllable Side-by-Side and End-to-End Assembly of Au Nanorods by Lyotropic Chromonic Materials
2008: Effects of Dielectric Relaxation on the Dynamics and Dielectric Heating of Nematic Liquid Crystals
2008: Electro-optical effects in liquid crystals with dielectric dispersion
2008: Polarity-Dependent Dielectric Torque in Nematic Liquid Crystals
2008: Self-Assembly of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystal Sunset Yellow and Effects of Ionic Additives
2009: Confined Self-Assembly of Toric Focal Conic Domains (The Effects of Confined Geometry on the Feature Size of Toric Focal Conic Domains)
2009: Effects of dielectric relaxation in electrooptics of nematic cells
2009: Elasticity and Viscosity of a Lyotropic Chromonic Nematic Studied with Dynamic Light Scattering.
2009: Orientational order in systems of nanorods: side-by-side and end-to end controlled assembly using lyotropic chromonic materials
2009: Polarity-dependent dielectric torque in nematic liquid crystals


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