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Albertini, Gianni;   Altomare, Angelina;   Andreozzi, Laura;   Angeloni, Annino S.;   Angeloni, Annino Sante;   Bignozzi, Chiara;   Bignozzi, M.C.;   Bignozzi, Maria C.;   Bignozzi, Maria Chiara;   Burgin, E.;   Campagnari, Ilaria;   Caretti, Daniele;   Carlini, Carlo;   Castellari, Corrado;   Chiellini, Emo;   Colby, Ralph H.;   Connelly, Richard W.;   Duong, Tony;   Faetti, Massimo;   Fagnani, Marco;   Fanelli, Enzo;   Ferri, Dino;   Ferruti, Paolo;   Francescangeli, Oriano;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Gallot, Bernard;   Gillmor, Jeffery R.;   Giordano, Marco;   Grillo Fernandes, Elizabeth;   Hvala, Massimo;   Incicco, Luca;   Körner, Hilmar;   Lestel, Laurence;   Melone, Savino;   Ober, Chrisopher K.;   Ober, Christopher K.;   Palazzuoli, Diego;   Poeti, Giovanni;   Righetti, Maria Cristina;   Serhatli, Ersin I.;   Shiota, Atsushi;   Solaro, Roberto;   Spagna, Alessandro;   Springer, Jürgen;   Tramontini, Maurilio;   Trusendi, Stefano;   Wolff, Dietmar;   Yagci, Yusuf;   Yang, Bin;   Zulli, Fabio;   de Petris, Silvano

Publication Titles

1983: The Mannich bases in polymer synthesis. 4. Further studies on synthesis and characterization of some poly(.beta.-aminoketone)s containing potentially mesogenic groups
1985: Liquid crystalline poly(.beta.-aminoester)s containing different mesogenic groups
1985: Monotropic liquid crystalline poly(.beta.-thioester)s containing bis(p-oxybenzoate) mesogenic units
1986: Synthesis and thermotropic properties of new mesogenic diacrylate monomers
1988: Liquid-crystalline poly(.beta.-aminoester)s: thermotropic mesomorphism and degradability in solution
1988: Structural effects on mesomorphic properties in isomeric liquid crystalline polyesters
1989: Mesomorphism-structure relationships in polyesters based on twin p-oxybenzoate mesogens
1989: Thermotropic poly(ester-.beta.-sulfides). A new polymer series containing the p-phenylene di(p-oxybenzoate) unit
1990: Chiral liquid-crystalline poly(ester/.beta.-sulfoxides) by asymmetric oxidation of prochiral nematic poly(ester/.beta.-sulfides)
1990: Synthesis and properties of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers containing azobenzene mesogens
1990: The molecular weight effect on the mesomorphic behavior of liquid-crystalline poly(ester .beta.-sulfides)
1991: Structural effects on the mesomorphic behavior of thermotropic liquid crystal poly(ester .beta.-sulfides)
1992: Molecular weight and molecular weight distribution effects on the liquid - crystalline and biphasic behavior of a thermotropic polyester
1992: Semiflexible liquid-crystalline polyesters based on twin di(p-oxybenzoyl) units: synthesis and characterization
1992: The nematic-isotropic phase segregation in a thermotropic semiflexible liquid crystalline polyester
1992: Thermal and dynamic-mechanical properties of semiflexible thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters
1992: Thermal and x-ray investigation of a new mesophasic semiflexible polyester
1993: Block copolymers with crystalline and side-chain liquid crystalline blocks
1993: Chiral liquid-crystalline block copolymers based on polyether and mesogenic polyacrylate blocks
1993: Hybrid liquid-crystalline block copolymers based on polystyrene and polyester blocks
1993: Semi-flexible liquid crystalline polyesters based on twin di(p-oxybenzoyl) units: x-ray study on smectic mesophase structures
1993: Side-chain liquid - crystalline alternating copolymers of mesogenic monomers: synthesis and properties
1993: X-ray diffraction study of the smectic mesophase of some azobenzene-containing polyacrylates
1994: Hybrid thermotropic liquid-crystalline block copolymers
1994: Liquid crystalline block copolymers
1994: Semiflexible liquid-crystalline polyesters based on twin bis(p-oxybenzoyl) units. Part 1. Effect of spacer length on mesomorphic behavior
1994: Semiflexible liquid-crystalline polyesters based on twin bis(p-oxybenzoyl) units. Part 2. Effect of molar mass on mesomorphic behavior
1994: Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of new thermotropic polyurethanes
1994: Synthesis and thermal behavior of liquid-crystalline block copolymers containing both main-chain and side-chain mesomorphic blocks
1994: Synthesis and thermotropic properties of new polyacrylates containing alkanoyl-substituted azobenzene mesogens
1994: Thermal and dynamic-mechanical properties of new chiral smectic networks
1995: Hybrid liquid-crystalline block copolymers. I. Synthesis and mesomorphic behavior of polyester-polymethacrylate block copolymers
1995: Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of azobenzene-containing poly(vinyl ether)s with narrow molar mass distribution
1995: Synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties of polyacrylates containing prochiral sulfide substituents
1996: Hybrid liquid-crystalline block copolymers. II. X-ray diffraction analysis of polyester-polymethacrylate block copolymers
1996: Liquid Crystalline Poly(vinyl ether)s and Block Copoly(vinyl ether)s by Living Cationic Polymerization
1996: Liquid crystalline block copolymers by sequential cationic or promoted cationic and free-radical polymerizations
1996: Phase and thermal behavior of liquid-crystalline block copolymers
1996: The curing of dicyanate ester liquid crystalline thermosets
1996: Tuning physical properties and mesophase behavior in liquid crystalline thermoset mixtures.
1997: Mechanical properties of semiflexible main chain liquid crystalline polymers
1997: Mesophase structure and alignment under different fields of liquid - crystalline main-chain/side-group block copolymers
1997: Mixtures of Liquid-Crystalline and Amorphous Dicyanates: Unusual Curing Behavior and Mechanical Properties
1997: Mutual Interactions in Main-Chain/Side-Group Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymers
1997: On the peculiar macromolecular organization of nematic poly(urethane-ester)s
1997: Smectic rheology
1997: The effects of hydrogen bonding on the liquid-crystalline behavior of semiflexible poly(urethane ester)s
1998: Main chain liquid crystalline semiflexible polymers
1998: Phase and orientational behaviors in liquid crystalline main-chain/side-group block copolymers
1999: Liquid crystal poly(glycidyl ether)s by anionic polymerization and polymer-analogous reaction
1999: Liquid-crystalline side chain-coil diblock copolymers by living free radical polymerization
1999: Synthesis of liquid crystalline graft and block copolymers by sequential cationic and free-radical polymerizations
2001: Biphasic Behavior of a Thermotropic Polymesomorphic Polyester. 2. Temperature Evolution of Phase Separation
2001: Enthalpy Relaxation at the Glass Transition in a Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer for Optical Data Storage
2002: Fractionary couplings of spin probe to backbone and side group dynamics of a liquid crystal polymer
2005: Rheological Behavior of Azobenzene Nematic Homopolymer and Copolymer


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