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Laub, R.J.


Apfel, M.A.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Issaq, H.J.;   Janini, G.M.;   Lühmann, B.-H.;   Muschik, G.M.;   Pluyter, J.G.L.;   Price, A.;   Roberts, W.L.;   Shaw, T.J.;   Smith, C.A.

Publication Titles

1980: Fabrication of gas-chromatographic glass capillary columns of high efficiency with liquid crystal stationary phases
1985: Synthesis and properties of high temperature mesomorphic polysiloxane (MEPSIL) solvents. Amide, ester and Schiff's base linked systems
1985: Synthesis and properties of high-temperature mesomorphic polysiloxane (MEPSIL) solvents: biphenyl- and terphenyl-based nematic systems
1987: Probe-solute study of mesomorphic polysiloxane (mepsil) solvents. Synthesis and characterization of some ester-linked copolymer mepsil stationary phases
1988: Neat and admixed mesomorphic polysiloxane stationary phases for open-tubular column gas chromatography
1988: Probe-solute study of mesomorphic polysiloxane (MEPSIL) solvents. Discontinuities in family retention plots that traverse phase transitions


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