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Larson, Ronald G.

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Larson, R.G.;   Larson, Ron;   Larson, Ron G.;   Larson, Ronald


Beris, Antony N.;   Doi, Masao;   Edwards, Brian J.;   Grmela, Miroslav;   Gu, Dong-Feng;   Hudson, Steven D.;   Jamieson, Alexander M.;   Leal, L. Gary;   Mather, Patrick T.;   Pearson, Dale S.;   Ternet, Dennis J.;   Wiltzius, Pierre;   Wong, Apollo P.Y.;   Yurke, Bernard

Publication Titles

1990: Generalized constitutive equation for polymeric liquid crystals. Part 2. Nonhomogeneous systems
1991: Mesoscopic domain theory for textured liquid-crystalline polymers
1993: Monte-Carlo simulation of a disclination core in nematic solutions of rodlike molecules
1993: Power-law scattering in fluids with a nonscalar order parameter
1996: On the relative magnitudes of viscous, elastic and texture stresses in liquid crystalline PBG solutions
1997: The origin of stress-oscillation damping during start-up and reversal of torsional shearing of nematics
1999: Flow-aligning and tumbling in small-molecule liquid crystals. Pure components and mixtures


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