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Langevin, D.

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Langévin, D.

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Langevin, Dominique


Albouy, P.A.;   Bercegol, H.;   Bouchiat, M.A.;   Boué, F.;   Chatenay, D.;   Delsanti, M.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Gallet, F.;   Guillot, S.;   Gulik-Krzywicki, T.;   Lafuma, F.;   MCLoughlin, D.;   Marty, J.-D.;   Mauzac, M.;   Messager, R.;   Meunier, J.;   Mingotaud, A.-F.;   Ober, R.;   Ott, A.;   Palaprat, G.;   Radlinska, E.Z.;   Raspaud, E.;   Trabelsi, S.;   Urbach, W.;   Williams, C.E.

Publication Titles

1972: Light scattering from the free surface of a nematic liquid crystal
1972: Spectral analysis of light scattered from the free surface of a nematic liquid crystal. Surface tension and viscosity coefficient measurements
1972: Spectrum of thermal fluctuations on the free surface of a nematic liquid crystal
1973: Molecular order and surface tension for the nematic-isotropic interface of MBBA [N-(4-methoxybenzylidene(-4-butylamiline], deduced from light reflectivity and light scattering measurements
1975: Anisotropy of the turbidity of an oriented nematic liquid crystal
1975: Light scattering from the free surface of a liquid crystal near the second order nematic-smectic A phase transition
1976: Light scattering from the free surface near a second order nematic to smectic A phase transition
1976: Periodic structure at the free surface of smectics A
1976: Spectrum of thermal fluctuations at the free surface of a smectic A liquid crystal in the presence of a horizontal magnetic field
1976: Structure induced by a magnetic field at the free surface of smectics A
1985: Light scattering from liquid surfaces. Application to the ultralow tensions associated to microemulsions
1986: Microemulsions and liquid crystals
1988: Are giant micelles living polymers?
1989: Coexistence of an ordered anisotropic phase and a liquid expanded phase in an amphiphilic monolayer
1995: Polymer Confinement in Surfactant Bilayers of a Lyotropic Lamellar Phase
1997: Modification of the lamellar phase in C12E5/water system by a random hydrophilic-hydrophobic polyelectrolyte
2005: Aggregates formation between short DNA fragments and cationic surfactants
2006: New Nano- and Microparticles with a Liquid-Crystal-Like Interior
2007: Enantioselective Absorption of Chirally Doped Liquid Crystalline Networks Studied by the Use of an Electronic Microbalance
2008: Sorption Properties of Functionalized Liquid Crystalline Networks


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