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Langer, Stephen A.

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Langer, S.A.


Bechhoefer, John;   Glotzer, Sharon C.;   Goldstein, Raymond E.;   Lapena, Amelia M.;   Liu, Andrea J.;   Ono, Ian K.;   Sethna, James P.;   Tewari, Shubha;   Toner, John

Publication Titles

1986: Textures in a chiral smectic liquid-crystal film
1993: Erratum: "Hydrodynamics of two-dimensional smectics on fluid surfaces" [Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 2443 (1993)]
1993: Hydrodynamics of two-dimensional smectics on fluid surfaces
1995: Nonlinear Dynamics of Stiff Polymers
1995: Stabilizing effect of elasticity is not enough to resolve discrepancies in observations concerning a moving nematic-isotropic interface
1997: Morphogenesis in nematic liquid crystal/polymer materials
1999: Effect of ordering on spinodal decomposition of liquid-crystal/polymer mixtures
2003: Velocity fluctuations in a steadily sheared model foam


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