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Lam, Wing Yip

Alternative Writings

Lam, W.Y.;   Lam, Wing Y.


Bu, Le-Wei;   Chen, Hong-Zheng;   Feng, Xin-De;   Ge, Weikun;   Huang, Yi;   Huang, Yuan-Ming;   Kong, Xiang-Xing;   Kwok, Hoi-Sing;   Lee, Priscilla P.S.;   Lee, Pui Sze;   Peng, Han;   Su, Cheng-Wei;   Tang, Ben-Zhong;   Tang, Benz-hong;   Tung, Man Kin;   Wan, Xin-Hua;   Wang, Mang;   Xu, Rui-Song;   Xu, Zhong-De;   Zhang, De-Zhen

Publication Titles

1998: Liquid Crystalline Polyacetylenes: Synthesis and Properties of Poly{n-[((4'-cyano-4-biphenylyl)oxy)carbonyl]-1-alkynes}
1999: Effects of the variation of interconnecting groups on the properties of liquid-crystalline polyacetylenes
1999: Influence of spacer length on liquid crystalline properties of polyalkynes with ester and ether interconnecting groups
1999: Liquid crystalline polyacetylenes: a new class of mesomorphic materials with novel optical and electronic properties
1999: Study on side chain liquid crystalline polyacetylenes: influence of spacer length on mesomorphic properties
1999: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of a side chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene containing phenyl benzoate mesogens
1999: Use of multiple detector GPC/SEC in polymer characterization III. New liquid crystalline polymer


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