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Lai, Lo Ming

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Lai, L.M.

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Lai, Lo M.


Chen, Hong-Zheng;   Cheuk, Kevin K.L.;   Dong, Yongqiang;   Dong, Yu-Ping;   Feng, Xin-De;   Häußler, Matthias;   Kwok, Hoi-Sing;   Lam, Jacky W.Y.;   Lam, Jacky Wing Yip;   Law, Charles C.W.;   Li, Zhen;   Qin, An-Jun;   Shen, Jia-Cong;   Sun, Jing-Zhi;   Tang, Ben-Zhong;   Wang, Mang;   Zheng, Qiang

Publication Titles

2005: Functional Disubstituted Polyacetylenes and Soluble Cross-Linked Polyenes: Effects of Pendant Groups or Side Chains on Liquid Crystallinity and Light Emission of Poly(1-phenyl-1-undecyne)s
2006: Functional Disubstituted Polyacetylenes: Synthesis, Liquid Crystallinity, Light Emission, and Fluorescent Photopatterning of Biphenyl-Containing Poly(1-phenyl-octyne)s with Different Functional Bridges
2006: Synthesis, liquid crystallinity, and chiroptical properties of sterol-containing polyacetylenes

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