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Läuger, Jörg

Alternative Writings

Laeuger, Joerg;   Lauger, Jorg;   Läuger, J.


Berger, Klaus;   Frank, Curtis W.;   Fuller, Gerald G.;   Gronski, Wolfram;   Hiltrop, Karl;   Kratzat, Krystyna;   Lindner, Peter;   Linemann, Reinhard;   Reichtering, Walter;   Richtering, Walter;   Robertson, Channing R.;   Schmidt, Gudrun;   Weigel, Richard

Publication Titles

1994: Shear Orientation of a Micellar Hexagonal Liquid Crystalline Phase: A Rheo and Small Angle Light Scattering Study
1995: A melt rheometer with integrated small-angle light scattering
1995: Linear and nonlinear rheology of micellar solutions in the isotropic, cubic and hexagonal phase probed by rheo-small-angle light scattering
1995: Shear orientation of a lamellar lyotropic liquid crystal
1996: Anisotropic Small Angle Light and Neutron Scattering from a Lyotropic Lamellar Phase under Shear
1996: Deformation and Relaxation Processes of Mono- and Bilayer Domains of Liquid Crystalline Langmuir Films on Water
1996: Rheo-small-angle-light-scattering investigation of shear-induced structural changes in a lyotropic lamellar phase


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