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Labes, U.


Dascalu, C.;   Dascalu, Constanta;   Hauck, G.;   Koswig, H.D.;   Motoc, Cornelia;   Petrescu, Emil;   Rosu, Constantin

Publication Titles

1992: Field Induced Circular Flow in Free-Standing Ferroelectric LC-Films
1993: Electric field induced structure formation in free standing ferroelectric films
1993: Molekulare Umorientierung in freistehenden Filmen
1993: Temporal and Spatial Development of Spontaneously Formed Ring Structures in Free-Standing FLC-Films
1994: Relation Between Pitch and Frequency-Voltage-Behaviour in Free-Standing Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Films
1995: Ring-Structure Formation in Rotating Electric Fields in Different Lqiuid-Crystal Systems
1996: Spontaneously created ring structures in free-standing liquid crystal films and their dependence on temperature and material parameters
1998: A study of the electro-optic response of some chiral liquid crystals with high spontaneous polarization


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