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Labes, Mortimer M.

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Labes, M.M.


Baek, S.-G.;   Baise, A.I.;   Bak, C.S.;   Beard, R.B.;   Bhattacharya, S.;   Bloor, J.E.;   Bostwick, B.D.;   Bässler, Heinz;   Campbell, J.;   Campbell, Laura;   Chang, Pao Hwa;   Chien, Hai Shan;   Filas, R.W.;   Goldfarb, D.;   Goozner, R.E.;   Goozner, Robert E.;   Green, Mark M.;   Hakemi, H.;   Hirata, H.;   Hochbaum, A.;   Hollebeek, T.;   Hui, Y.W.;   Kim, Dong-Pyo;   Ko, K.;   Kronick, P.L.;   Kusabayashi, Shigekazu;   Kustanovich, I.;   Kuzma, M.;   Kuzma, M.R.;   Laronge, Thomas M.;   Lee, H.;   Lee, Heewon;   Lord, A.E.;   Luo, X.;   Luz, M.;   Luz, Z.;   MacMillan, John H.;   Magda, J.J.;   Malya, P.A.G.;   Mathew, S.;   McClymer, J.P.;   Moseley, M.E.;   Nes, W.R.;   Nunez, A.;   Okamoto, Kenichi;   Oron, N.;   Paleos, C.M.;   Park, J.-W.;   Parthasarathy, R.;   Patel, Vibha;   Poupko, R.;   Prakasam, P.;   Ramesh, V.;   San Miguel, M.;   Sarna, R.K.;   Sato, S.;   Sengupta, S.K.;   Shang, W.;   Shang, Wen;   Shiau, C.C.;   Skarda, V.;   Stieb, A.E.;   Takenaka, S.;   Teucher, Ilan;   Wang, J.;   Waxman, S.N.;   Weng, Dexi;   Yan, N.X.;   Yarovoy, Y.;   Yarovoy, Y.K.;   Yarovoy, Yury K.;   Yu, J.L.;   Yu, L.-J.;   Zimmermann, H.

Publication Titles

1966: A Possible Explanation for the Effect of Magnetic Fields on Biological Systems
1966: Electrical Conduction in Uranyl Phthalocyanine
1967: Photoeletric Characterization of X-Ray Damage in Anthrancene Crystals
1968: Liquid crystal monomers: N-(p-alkoxybenzylidene)-p-aminostyrenes
1968: Relationship Between Electric Field Strength and Helix Pitch in Induced Cholesteric-Nematic Phase Transitions
1969: Alternating-current-field induced cholesteric-nematic phase transitions
1969: Conductivity in liquid crystals
1969: Electric field effects on the dielectric properties and molecular arrangements of cholesteric liquid crystals
1969: Electric field effects on the optical rotatory power of a compensated cholesteric liquid crystal
1969: Magnetic-field effects on a compensated cholesteric liquid crystal
1970: Absence of helical inversion in single component cholesteric liquid crystals
1970: Anisotropic ultrasonic properties of a nematic liquid crystal
1970: Determination of the pitch of a cholesteric liquid crystal by infrared transmission measurements
1970: Dipole relaxation in a liquid crystal
1970: Helical twisting power of steroidal solutes in cholesteric mesophases
1970: Polymerization of a nematic liquid crystal monomer
1970: Properties of structurally stabilized anil-type nematic liquid crystals
1971: Diffusion through nematic liquid crystals
1971: Magnetic field effects on the dynamic scattering threshold in a nematic liquid crystal
1972: Birefringence and optical rotatory dispersion of a compensated cholesteric liquid crystal
1972: Effect of charge-transfer acceptors on dynamic scattering in a nematic liquid crystal
1972: The a.c.-d.c. technique for rapid conical-helical perturbation in cholesteric liquid crystals
1973: Angular dependence of optical scattering in mixed nematic-cholesteric liquid crystals
1973: Chirality in mixed nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals
1973: Dynamic scattering in a liquid crystal having positive dielectric anisotropy
1973: Helical twisting power of a diastereomeric pair of branched-chain esters of cholesterol
1973: Helical twisting power of steroidal solutes in cholesteric mesophases. Carbonate esters of cholesterol and dicholesteryl compounds
1973: Properties of a homologous series of o-hydroxy substituted anils and some binary mixtures
1973: Rapid conical-helical perturbation in doped cholesteric liquid crystals
1974: Effect of dielectric anisotropy on twisted nematics
1974: New optical method for studying anisotropic diffusion in liquid crystals
1974: Nonuniform distortions during electric field induced unwinding of a cholesteric liquid crystal
1975: Analysis of pitch-concentration dependences in some binary and ternary liquid crystal mixtures
1975: Effects of molecular complexing on the properties of binary nematic liquid crystal mixtures
1975: Fast decay in a twisted nematic induced by frequency switching
1975: Pitch-concentration relations in multicomponent liquid crystal mixtures
1975: Self-diffusion coefficients of a nematic liquid-crystal via an optical method
1976: Observation of pyroelectricity in chiral smectic-C and -H liquid crystals
1976: Reaction kinetics determined by pitch changes in liquid crystals
1977: Broadening of the nematic temperature range by a non-mesogenic solute in a nematic liquid crystal
1977: Dielectric, elastic, and electro-optic properties of a liquid crystalline molecular complex
1977: Fluorescent liquid-crystal display utilizing an electric-field-induced cholesteric-nematic transition
1978: A new generation process and matrix representation of disclinations in nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals
1979: Induced phases in mixtures of terminal polar liquid crystals-amines and nitriles
1979: Induced smectic mesomorphism in mixtures of p-cyano-p'-pentylbiphenyl and p-pentylbenzoic acid
1979: Kinetic study of an esterification by monitoring pitch changes in a cholesteric liquid crystal solvent
1979: Low transition temperature liquid crystalline amines incorporating the biphenyl ring system
1979: Low-transition temperature liquid crystalline amines incorporating the trans-1,4-substituted cyclohexane ring system
1979: Solute-solvent interactions in discotic mesophases
1980: Fluorescence of guest molecules in a scattering state of a liquid crystal
1980: Multicolor fluorescent liquid crystal display concepts
1981: Amine-substituted liquid crystal compositions
1981: Homogeneous-homeotropic fluorescent liquid crystal cells
1981: Multicolor fluorescent display by scattering states in liquid crystals
1982: Alignment and texture of thin liquid crystal films on solid substrates
1982: Determination of pitch in a cholesteric DSCG-water lyomesophase by NMR techniques
1982: Lyotropic cholesteric and nematic phases of disodium cromoglycate in magnetic fields
1982: Observation of apparent high strength singularities in mixtures of nematic thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals
1982: Orientational order in the lyomesophases of the disodium cromoglycate-water system by deuterium, oxygen-17, and sodium-23 NMR
1983: A nonaqueous lyotropic nematic gel
1983: A retraction of the report of a lyotropic cholesteric blue phase
1983: Electrochemical enhancement of contrast ratio in fluorescent liquid crystal cells
1983: Liquid crystals in cylindrical pores: effects on transition temperatures and singularities
1983: Lyotropic cholesteric blue phase
1983: Mixed dimer formation in binary and ternary mixtures of liquid crystalline 4-substituted benzoic acids
1983: Phase diagram and thermodynamic properties of disodium cromoglycate-water lyomesophases
1984: Control of the pitch of synthetic polypeptide lyotropic phases utilising a chiral solvent
1984: Helical twisting power of amino acids in a nematic lyophase
1984: Helical twisting power of amino acids in a nematic lyophase
1984: Optical spectroscopy of ordered dyes in aqueous lyotropic nematic liquid crystals
1985: Control of the pitch of synthetic polypeptide lyotropic phases utilizing a chiral solvent
1985: Lyomesophases of the diethylammonium flufenamate-water system studied by deuterium NMR spectroscopy
1985: Lytropic liquid crystals of D-(2)-octylammonium chloride
1985: Orientational order and linear dichroism of a water soluble porphine in a lyotropic nematic liquid crystal
1985: Periodic structures induced by director reorientation in the lyotropic nematic phase of disodium cromoglycate-water
1986: Control of reaction kinetics by manipulation of micellar size and shape
1986: Structure and order parameter of a nematic lyotropic liquid crystal studied by FTIR spectroscopy
1987: An investigation of the micropolarity of several aqueous nematic lyotropic liquid crystals
1987: Bimolecular reactions in nematic lyotropics: a study of catalyzed ester hydrolysis in NC, NL, and I phases
1987: Influence of disc-rod-sphere phase transitions in nematic lyotropics on a unimolecular isomerization reaction
1987: Infrared study of the phase transition from a disk-like to a rod-like nematic lyotropic liquid crystal
1987: Nematic lyotropic liquid crystals as media for chemical reactions
1987: Polarized absorption spectroscopy as a tool in studying guest-host interactions in a nematic lyotropic liquid crystal
1987: The dynamics of the formation of a periodic deformation in a lyotropic liquid crystal
1988: Digital video analysis of nonequilibrium periodic patterns induced in nematics by magnetic reorientation
1988: Dramatic influence of the nature of the surfactant aggregate on the rate constant for hydrolysis of phosphinate esters in aqueous nematic lyotropic liquid crystals
1988: Enhancement of the photostability and fluorescence of thiacyanine dyes in nematic lyotropic liquid crystals
1988: High solubility and rapid hydrolysis in aqueous nematic lyotropic liquid crystalline solvents
1989: Capillary viscometry of some lyotropic nematics
1989: Correlation of pitch with concentration and molecular weight in poly(.gamma.-benzyl glutamate) lyophases
1989: Influence of bridging additives on the phase boundaries and solvent properties of a nematic lyotropic liquid crystal
1989: New route to graphite flakes and films. Pyrolysis of aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds under dehydrogenation conditions
1989: Relationships between molecular structure, concentration and chirality of polymeric lyophases
1990: Determination of microviscosity and micropolarity of lyomesophases utilizing a fluorescent probe
1990: Formation of graphite flakes from aromatic precursors: a comparison of benzene- and triphenylene-derived graphites
1991: Induction of preferred conformation in achiral solutes dissolved in chiral liquid crystals
1991: Simultaneous measurement of guest and host ordering in a nematic lyophase via fluorescence spectroscopy
1991: Solvent evaporation induced torsad texture of sheared liquid-crystalline polymers
1992: An unusual fluctuation between macromolecular and supramolecular helicity by polyisocyanates dissolved in a chiral liquid crystal
1992: Chemical Reactions in Liquid Crystalline Solvents: Anti-Arrhenius Behaviour as a Consequence of Reentrant Nematic Phase Transitions
1992: Chemical reactions in liquid crystalline solvents: anti-Arrhenius behavior as a consequence of nematic-smectic A-reentrant nematic phase transitions
1992: Control of the Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Liquid Crystal Polymer Films by Variations in Their Banded Texture
1992: Control of the anisotropic mechanical properties of liquid crystal polymer films by variations in their banded texture
1994: Critical Behavior of Shear-Induced Transient Periodic Structures in a Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer as a Function of Molecular Weight
1994: Effect of boundary conditions on the pitch and helical twisting power of chiral solutes in nematic liquid crystals
1994: Reactivity and conformational control utilizing liquid crystalline solvent media
1994: Shear-Induced Textures in the Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Poly(.gamma.-benzyl L-glutamate) (PBLG)
1995: A reinvestigation of the purported induction of preferred conformations of achiral rigid rod solutes in cholesteric media
1995: Solute-solvent chiral interactions: non-symmetrical effects of enantiomers and conformers on right- and left-handed cholesterics
1996: Phase rejection as a factor in the kinetics of atropisomerization of 1,1'-binaphthyl conducted in liquid crystal and solid phases
1997: Decarboxylation of 6-nitrobenzisoxazole - 3 - carboxylic acid through phase transitions in lyotropic liquid crystals
1997: Effect of Chiral Polymers on Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
1997: Influence of cholesteric solvents on the kinetics of Schiff base formation from enantiomeric amines
1998: Calorimetric study of the diastereomeric interactions of enantiomeric iso-octyl-benzoyloxybenzoate solutes with a chiral liquid crystal
2002: Induction of Chirality in a Cationic Surfactant Nematic Phase by Hydroxypropylcellulose


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US 4.293.193 (1981/10/06)

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