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Kyu, T.

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Kyu, Thein


Bunning, T.J.;   Campbell, S.;   Chang, M.-C.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Chiu, H.-W.;   Cho, C.H.;   Fan, S.;   Fukai, T.;   Guenthner, A.J.;   Gurarie, Eliezer;   Keast, Sandra S.;   Kiesel, M.J.;   Kim, J.-Y.;   Kim, W.-K.;   Leroux, N.;   Li, Jian-Feng;   Mukherjee, P.;   Mustafa, M.;   Nam, J.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Nwabunma, D.;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Park, H.-S.;   Pogue, R.T.;   Rosenblatt, Charles;   Rudin, A.M.;   Shen, C.;   Taylor, P.L.;   Wang, X.-Y.;   Zheng, J.Q.

Publication Titles

1985: Self-polarizing liquid crystalline films
1987: Dynamics of phase separation in ordered fluids
1990: Mesophase transition and phase separation in thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer and polyether imide blends
1991: Phase transformations in a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester and its polymer blends
1992: Phase Separation Stuides of Epoxy-Based Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Systems
1993: Phase separation dynamics of a polymer dispersed liquid crystal
1993: Polymerization-induced phase separation in a liquid-crystal-polymer mixture
1994: Phase separation dynamics in a mixture of polystyrene and liquid crystal
1996: Effect of molecular weight on miscibility phase diagrams in mixtures of polymer and liquid crystals
1997: Miscibility phase diagrams of the mixtures of side-on side chain liquid crystalline polymers and low molar mass liquid crystals
1998: Freedericksz transition in antiferroelectric liquid crystals and cooperative motion of smectic layers
1998: Kinetics of Phase Transition in an Anticlinic Liquid Crystal Induced by a Uniform Temperature Field: Growth in One Dimension
1998: Phase transitions in mixtures of a side-on-side chain liquid crystalline polymer and low molar mass nematic liquid crystals
1999: Effect of network elasticity on nematic liquid crystal/cross-linked polymer phase diagram
2000: Excluded volume theory of rigid plates in solution using continuous orientation distributions
2000: Formation of banded textures in liquid crystalline polymers with extended curvature elasticity


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