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Kuwahara, M.

Similar Names

Kuwahara, Makoto;   Kuwahara, Masaoto;   Kuwahara, Masato;   Kuwahara, Michio;   Kuwahara, Minoru


Aoki, K.;   Kato, T.;   Miyashita, K.;   Onnagawa, H.;   Yano, S.

Publication Titles

1977: An Experimental Study on Tilt Alignment Model of MBBA Molecules
1977: Studies of Wall Effect on Molecular Orientation in Nematic and Smectic Phases of 4,4'-di-n-Alkoxyazoxybenzene by Dielectric Measurements
1979: Freedericksz transition in pretilted nematic cells in the magnetic field normal to the director
1984: Estimation of surface anchoring energy of nematic liquid crystal

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