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Kurths, J.

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Kurths, Jürgen


Allaria, E.;   Arecchi, F.T.;   Baltanás, J.P.;   Batista, A.M.;   Blechman, I.I.;   Boccaletti, S.;   Bove, Italo;   Bragard, J.;   García-Ojalvo, J.;   Grebogi, C.;   Hu, Bambi;   Hu, Gang;   Kopitzki, K.;   Kuznetsov, A.S.;   Landa, P.S.;   Lopes, S.R.;   López, L.;   Mancini, H.;   Meucci, R.;   Ouyang, Qi;   Pinto, S.E.;   Sanjuán, M.A.;   Saparin, P.;   Schimansky-Geier, L.;   Sitz, A.;   Stolyarov, M.N.;   Timmer, J.;   Ullner, E.;   Viana, R.L.;   Volkov, E.I.;   Voss, H.U.;   Warnke, P.C.;   Zaikin, A.;   Zaikin, A.A.;   Zhang, Hong;   Zhou, C.S.

Publication Titles

2002: Comment on "Kullback-Leibler and renormalized entropies: Applications to electroencephalograms of epilepsy patients"
2002: Noise Induced Propagation in Monostable Media
2002: Stable heteroclinic cycles for ensembles of chaotic oscillators
2002: Turbulence control by developing a spiral wave with a periodic signal injection in the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
2002: Vibrational resonance in a noise-induced structure
2003: Coherence resonance and polymodality in inhibitory coupled excitable oscillators
2003: Constructive effects of noise in homoclinic chaotic systems
2003: Experimental evidence, numerics, and theory of vibrational resonance in bistable systems
2003: Frequency-dependent stochastic resonance in inhibitory coupled excitable systems
2003: Identification of nonlinear spatiotemporal systems via partitioned filtering
2003: Noise-enhanced synchronization of homoclinic chaos in a CO2 laser
2003: Oscillatory amplification of stochastic resonance in excitable systems
2003: Validity of numerical trajectories in the synchronization transition of complex systems
2004: Frequency entrainment of nonautonomous chaotic oscillators


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