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Kumar, Uday

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Kumar, U.


Araki, Kazuo;   Bruce, Duncan W.;   Fréchet, Jean M.J.;   Fujishima, Akira;   Iimura, Kazuyoshi;   Kato, Takashi;   Kihara, Hideyuki;   Price, Daniel J.;   Ujiie, Seiji;   Ujiie, Seji;   Uryu, Toshiyuki

Publication Titles

1992: Induction of ferroelectricity in polymeric systems by hydrogen bridging
1992: Induction of mesogenicity in polymeric hydrogen-bonded complexes containing heterocyclic N-oxide
1992: Induction of mesogenicity in the side-chain of polysiloxanes via hydrogen-bonding: from ferroelectric to nonplanar liquid-crystalline assemblies
1992: Use of intermolecular hydrogen bonding for the induction of liquid crystallinity in the side chain of polysiloxanes
1993: Hydrogen-bonded ferroelectric liquid-crystalline complexes based on a chiral benzoic acid and stilbazoles, induction of chiral smectic C phases by molecular self-assembly
1993: Molecular self-assembly of crosslinked liquid crystalline polymeric complexes through intermolecular hydrogen bonding
1994: Synthesis of a liquid-crystal polymer network by self-organization via intermolecular hydrogen bridging bonds
1995: Dielectric properties of a hydrogen-bonded liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer
1996: Supramolecular ferroelectric liquid crystals. Hydrogen-bonded complexes between benzoic acids and chiral stilbazoles


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