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Kuder, James E.

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Kuder, J.E.;   Kuder, James Edgar


Cangiano, Dominick;   Jester, Randy D.;   Kimmel, Robert M.;   Penoyer, John A.;   Provino, Vincent J.;   Rounsville, Sherman H.;   Wolf, Arnold E.;   Xu, Wayne;   de Martino, Ronald N.

Publication Titles

1999: Hot-melt adhesives of a polyolefin blend for laminating liq. cryst. polymer and polypropylene films and method therefor
1999: Hot-melt adhesives of an ethylene copolymer or a polyolefin blend for laminating liquid crystalline polymer and polyethylene films and method therefor
1999: Laminates formed from wholly aromatic, amorphous stretchable liquid crystalline polymers and nonpolyester thermoplastics and methods of forming same
1999: Multilayer films comprising liquid crystalline polymers, poly(ethylene terephthalate) or polycarbonate, and a hot-melt adhesive and preparation thereof

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