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Kuczynski, W.

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Kuczynski, Wojciech


Andersson, G.;   Belyakov, V.A.;   Bergmann, K.;   Blanc, Ch.;   Czechowski, G.;   Czub, J.;   Czupryñski, K.;   Dabrowski, R.;   Dahl, I.;   Dardas, D.;   Dhar, R.;   Dierking, Ingo;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Gauza, S.;   Geppi, M.;   Gieselmann, F.;   Giessbelmann, F.;   Gießelmann, Frank;   Goc, F.;   Gouda, F.;   Hoffmann, J.;   Hoffmann, U.;   Jezewski, W.;   Keller, P.;   Kenig, K.;   Kersting, H.-J.;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Lorman, V.;   Macki, J.;   Malecki, J.;   Marini, A.;   Matuszczyk, M.;   Matuszczyk, T.;   Meister, R.;   Mohr, K.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Nobili, M.;   Nowicka, K.;   Pandey, M.B.;   Pavel, J.;   Pollmann, P.;   Rozanski, S.A.;   Rózanski, S.A.;   Samaritani, S.;   Schacht, J.;   Skarp, Kent;   Stebler, B.;   Stegemeyer, Horst;   Stryla, B.;   Tschierske, Carsten;   Urban, S.;   Veracini, C.A.;   Wahl, J.;   Zaschke, Horst;   Zugenmaier, Peter;   Zywucki, B.

Publication Titles

1975: Interference method for the determination of refractive indices and birefringence of liquid crystals
1978: Dielectric study of ferroelectric properties in chiral smectic C
1980: A model of the blue phase of cholesteryl esters
1980: Ferroelectric properties of smectic C liquid crystals with induced helical structure
1981: Determination of elasticity and viscosity coefficients in a ferroelectric smectic C liquid crystal
1982: Viskositätsanomalien in cholesterischen Flüssigkristallen mit Blue Phases
1984: The influence of an electric field on the pitch in chiral smectic C in the vicinity of the SmC* -> SmA transition
1985: Experimental evidence of surface tension anisotropy in nematic phase of MBBA
1985: Measurements of the interplanar angles in cholesteric blue phases
1985: Properties of the blue phase in liquid crystalline MMBC
1986: Refractometric measurements in cholesteric blue phases
1987: Fast-switching low-temperature liquid crystal mixtures
1987: Helical twisting power of induced twisted smectic C* phases
1987: Helixstrukturen in induzierten Cholesterischen und Smektischen C*-Phasen
1987: Submicrosecond electrooptic switching in the liquid-crystal smectic A phase: the soft-mode ferroelectric effect
1987: The determination of dielectric anisotropy in ferroelectric smectic C
1988: Electric permittivity measurements as a method for detection of helix unwinding process
1988: The soft-mode ferroelectric effect
1989: Biaxiality of the ferroelectric liquid crystal DOBAMBC in electric field
1991: Induced Smectic C*-Phases: Concentration Dependence of the Ferroelectric Properties and the Effect of a Local Field
1991: Induced smectic C* phases. Concentration dependence of the ferroelectric properties and the effect of a local field
1992: Determination of the dielectric biaxiality in a chiral smectic-C phase
1993: Investigation of ferroelectric modes in liquid crystals using dielectric and optical methods
1993: Investigations of the structure of a cholesteric phase with a temperature induced helix inversion and of the succeeding S*C phase in thin liquid crystal cells
1994: Dielectric method for the determination of twist elastic constants in tilted smectic liquid crystals
1994: Observation of mixing-induced twist grain boundary phases in liquid crystals
1994: The origin of the helical twist inversion in single component cholesteric liquid crystals
1995: Dielectric Properties of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal in Surface Stabilized Cells of Various Thickness
1995: Dielectric and optical investigations of ferroelectric modes in chiral liquid crystals
1995: Dielectric properties of a surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal in cells of various thickness
1995: Electric field-induced domain structure in ferroelectric liquid crystal DOBAMBC
1995: Evaluation of the order parameter in nematic liquid crystals
1995: Mesomorphic properties of a homologous series of chiral liquid crystals containing the .alpha.-chloroester group
1995: New diastereomeric compound with cholesteric twist inversion
1995: Strong Dielectric Absorption in Amphiphilic Liquid Crystals with Terminal Diol-moieties
1995: Twist grain boundary phases in binary mixtures
1996: Collective Director Modes at the Transitions to Hexatic Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Phases
1996: Piezoelectric and Flexoelectric Polarization in Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystals
1997: Collective director modes at the transitions to hexatic ferroelectric liquid crystalline phases
1997: Dielectric Investigations on the Surface-Electroclinic Effect and Bias Field Dependence of the Soft-Mode in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
1997: Polymorphism of Twist Grain Boundary Phases near the Chiral Nac-Point
1998: Dielectric studies of the bias field effect on the soft mode of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
1998: Polymorphism of twist grain boundary phases near the chiral NAC point
1999: Observation of edge dislocations in helical smectic liquid crystals
2000: Bicomponent systems with induced or enhanced antiferroelectric SmCA* phase
2000: Linear and quadratic electrooptic effects in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
2001: Kinetics of the Transition between Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric States in Liquid-Crystalline Mixtures
2002: Determination of orientational order parameter in various liquid-crystalline phases
2002: Phase Transitions in a Liquid Crystal with Long-Range Dipole Order
2002: Switching Phenomenon in Chiral Smectics Investigated by Dielectric and Optical Methods
2003: Dielectric Relaxation in Liquid Crystal Phases with Polar Order
2003: Metastable states in antiferroelectric liquid crystalline mixtures
2004: Non-linear electrooptical effects in chiral liquid crystals
2005: Surface Anchoring and Twisting of Thin Nematic Layers Influenced by Thermal Fluctuations
2006: Dielectric Investigations of Induced Twist Grain Boundary Phases in the Binary Mixtures of Cholesteryl Benzoate and Di-Heptyloxyazoxybenzene
2006: Measurements of absolute values of electrooptic coefficients in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
2006: X-Ray and Electrooptical Studies of Liquid Crystal Siloxane with a de Vries SmA* Phase
2007: Dielectric versus optical response of chevron ferroelectric liquid crystals
2007: Experimental evidence of the electric-field induced critical behaviour of the smectic C*–alpha phase
2008: Comparison of dielectric and optical responses of chevron ferroelectric liquid crystals
2008: Creep dynamics of structural defects in ferroelectric liquid crystals with chevron geometry
2008: Motion of Nonsingular Walls in Plane Layer of Twisted Nematics
2008: Orientational Order of Difluorinated Liquid Crystals: A Comparative 13C-NMR, Optical, and Dielectric Study in Nematic and Smectic B Phases
2009: Determination of the bulk rotational viscosity coefficient in a chiral smectic C* liquid crystal
2009: Non-linear electrooptic effect in antiferroelectric liquid crystal


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