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Kryszewski, M.

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Kryszewski, Marian


Czajkowski, W.;   Dworzanska, M.;   Galeski, A.;   Marguet, S.;   Markovitsi, D.;   Milczarek, P.;   Mucha, M.;   Okrasa, L.;   Pluta, M.;   Tynenska, B.;   Ulanski, J.;   Uzananski, P.;   Uznanski, P.;   Wlochowicz, A.;   Wojciechowski, P.

Publication Titles

1981: Crystallization of polymers in the presence of electric fields
1987: Phase transition studies by thermal and thermooptical analysis of liquid crystals inserted into a polymeric matrix
1987: Studies of alpha relaxation process in spherulitic and nonspherulitic samples of isotactic polypropylene with different molecular ordering
1988: Role of the order on the kinetic behavior of photochromic guest molecules
1990: Effect of phase transition on the ring-closure kinetics of spiropyran molecules in liquid crystals and in solid films of unsaturated amphiphiles
1991: Structure reorganization in isotactic polypropylene induced by styrene treatment
1992: Study of electrooptic properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films with low concentration of liquid crystal
1995: Formation of anisotropic polymer blend by photopolymerization of lyotropic LC-phase
1996: Thermally stable optically anisotropic polymer networks obtained from mesogenic LC cellulose derivatives
1997: Electrical condductivity in Liquid Crystalline Systems
1997: Liquid crystalline cellulose derivatives for thermally stable or reversible anisotropic polymer film
1997: Photophysical Properties of Discotic Hexa(Heptylthio)Tricycloquinazoline in Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Phases


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