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Kroo, N.

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Kroo, Norbert;   Kroos, N.


Bata, L.;   Broude, V.L.;   Chillag, L.;   Csillag, L.;   Csillag, Laszlo;   Csillaq, L.;   Dolganov, K.K.;   Dolganov, V.K.;   Eber, N.;   Fedorovich, V.Yu.;   Fedotov, V.G.;   Gal, M.;   Janossy, I.;   Kitaeva, V.F.;   Pacher, P.;   Pepy, G.;   Rosta, L.;   Sheka, E.F.;   Simkin, V.G.;   Sobolev, N.N.;   Sukhorukov, A.P.;   Szabon, J.;   Torok, G.;   Torok, Gy.;   Troshkin, V.A.;   Umarov, L.M.;   Vizi, I.;   Zolot'ko, A.S.

Publication Titles

1978: Solid State Polymorphism of p-Azoxyanisole
1978: Soviet-Hungarian cooperation in the study of solids
1980: Effect of a light wave field on the nematic phase of an octyl-cyano-biphenyl liquid crystal
1980: Effect of a light wave field on the nematic phase of an oriented MBBA liquid crystal and thermal lens effect in this crystal
1980: Inelastic Neutron Scattering by Deuterated Para-azoxy-phenetole
1980: Structural and spectral studies of glassy MBBA
1981: Fredericks' transitions in MBBA crystals induced by the field of a light wave
1981: Laser induced reorientation of nematic liquid crystals
1981: On the structure and dynamics of d-PAA neutron scattering
1981: Ordered and disordered states of DOBHOP. Raman scattering and neutron diffraction
1982: Nature of the aberration pattern during self-focusing of a light beam caused by director reorientation in liquid crystals
1982: Reorientation of liquid crystals by superposed optical and quasistatic electric fields
1982: The influence of the finite size of the light spot on the laser induced reorientation of liquid crystals
1983: Light diffraction by laser beam created "channels" in nematic liquid crystals
1983: Orientation saturation in nematic liquid crystals
1984: Evolution of the coherence of vibrational states in a gradual disorder-order phase transition
1984: Multiple polymorphism of solid MBBA
1984: Nonlinear total internal reflection in nematic layers
1984: Nonlinear total internal reflection in nematic layers
1984: Persistent nematic liquid crystal director oscillations in the field of an ordinary light wave
1984: Sequence of phase transitions in solid MBBA
1985: Excitation of director auto-oscillations in nematic liquid crystals
1985: Low-frequency Raman scattering in amorphous solids with molecular structures
1985: Multimode Polymorphism of Solid MBBA
1987: A diffraction and spectroscopic study of the solid states of EBBA
1987: Modeling smectic structures using neutron scattering
1987: Ten phases of MBBA (a new phase diagram)
1989: Inelastic light scattering from the liquid crystal and solid phases of MBBA
1992: Light-induced structures in smectic liquid crystals. Memory effect
1993: Polarization dynamics of an ordinary light wave interacting with a nematic liquid crystal


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