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Krishnamurthy, S.

Similar Names

Krishnamurthy, Supriya;   Krishnamurthy, Sushil


Chen, S.-H.;   Kalmanash, M.;   Sethna, V.

Publication Titles

1989: Purification of thermotropic liquid-crystalline siloxane oligomer with supercritical carbon dioxide
1991: Facilitating the formation of the Grandjean texture in thermotropic chiral nematic side-chain copolymers via modulation of backbone flexibility
1991: New thermotropic chiral nematic copolymers. 2. A study of helical sense and twisting power based on copolymers containing (S)-(-)-1-phenylethanol and (R)-(-)-methyl mandelate
1996: Low molar mass glassy chiral nematic oligomer with large polarization bandwidth

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