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Kriechbaum, M.

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Kriechbaum, Manfred


Amenitsch, H.;   Bernstorff, S.;   Erramilli, Shyamsunder;   Gadermaier, C.;   Gadomski, A.;   Gin, D.;   Gruner, S.M.;   Laggner, P.;   Leising, G.;   Lombardo, D.;   Luczka, J.;   Markart, P.;   Mio, H.;   Pabst, G.;   Polcyn, A.;   Rappolt, M.;   Resel, R.;   Schwarzenbacher, R.;   Skita, V.;   Smith, R.;   So, P.T.;   Tate, M.W.;   Theissl, U.;   Zojer, E.;   Österberg, F.

Publication Titles

1994: Pressure induced hydration dynamics of membranes
1995: Description of microdomain growth in competitive 3D-agglomerates.
1995: Time-resolved x-ray small-angle diffraction with synchrotron radiation on phospholipid phase transitions. Pathways, intermediates and kinetics
1996: States of phase transitions in biological structures
1998: Characterization of the Nanostructures in Liquid Crystalline Mesophases Present in the Ternary System Brij-35/Dibutyl Ether/H2O by Small- and Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering
1998: The small-angle x-ray scattering beamline at ELETTRA: a new powerful station for fast structural investigations on complex fluids with synchrotron radiation
1999: Structural properties of nanocomposite materials based on a lyotropic liquid crystal
2000: Structural properties of polymerised lyotropic liquid crystals phases of 3,4,5-tris(omega-acryloxyalkoxy)benzoate salts
2000: The H2-phase of the lyotropic liquid crystal sodium 3,4,5-tris(.omega.-acryloyloxyundecyloxy)benzoate


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