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Kreuzer, Franz Heinrich

Alternative Writings

Kreuzer, Franz H.

Similar Names

Kreuzer, F.H.;   Kreuzer, Franz-Heinrich


Andrejewski, Dirk;   Anneser, Hans;   Beiergrösslein, Stefan;   Boldt, Peter;   Brader, Leonhard;   Bräuchle, Christoph;   Csellich, Franz;   Eidenschink, Rudolf;   El Gawhary, Magdi;   Feiner, Franz;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Gohary, Magdi;   Haak, Oliver;   Haas, Wolfgang;   Heßling, Mechthild;   Häberle, Norman;   Jung, Silvia;   Krueger, Benno;   Leigeber, Horst;   Luckas, Hans Joachim;   Maurer, Robert;   Miller, Alfred;   Müller-Rees, Christoph;   Petri, Andreas;   Rehage, Günther;   Spes, Peter;   Stohrer, Jürgen;   Weber, Georg;   Weitzel, Hans-Peter;   Winkler, Rainer;   Zahn, Ingo

Publication Titles

1982: Compositions based on cyclic organopolysiloxanes exhibiting liquid crystal phases
1982: Crosslinked organopolysiloxanes exhibiting liquid crystal properties
1985: Trialkanoyloxysilanes
1990: Liquid-crystal polyorganosiloxanes containing (meth)acryloxy groups, their preparation, and their use
1990: Silylated benzoic acid derivative liquid crystals for electrooptical display devices
1991: Cyclic organosiloxanes with organic residues having donor-acceptor .pi.-electron systems, their preparation, and nonlinear optical materials based on them
1991: Liquid-crystalline silsesquioxanes
1991: Preparation of (silylalkyl)benzoates, -phenols, -anilines, etc., as intermediates for liquid crystals
1992: Cyclosiloxanes with mesogenic side groups, their preparation, and their use in display devices
1993: Liquid crystals with end groups containing more than one silane group, their preparation, liquid crystal media containing them, and their use
1993: Optical elements based on liquid crystals, their fabrication, and their use
1993: Photoinduced generation of noncentrosymmetric structures in glassy liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes for second harmonic generation
1994: Imaging and color/polarization selecting reflective optical element containing cholesteric liquid crystals, and manufacture and use of the same.
1994: Preparation and use of liquid crystalline pigments whose reflected color depends on the observation angle


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