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Kreuzer, Franz-Heinrich

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Kreuzer, F.-H.;   Kreuzer, F.H.;   Kreuzer, Franz Heinrich


Beiergrösslein, Stefan;   Boldt, Peter;   Bräuchle, Christoph;   Ehmann, Silvia;   Gebhard, Thilo;   Grahn, Walter;   Gurtner, Adolf;   Haak, Oliver;   Haas, Wolfgang;   Haase, Wolfgang;   Hanelt, Eckhard;   Häberle, Norman;   Jakob, Eckhard;   Jeoung, Cheung-Bok;   Kilian, Dirk;   Kopf, Mechthild;   Krätzschmar, Oliver;   Kupfer, Jürgen;   Leigeber, Horst;   Luckas, Hans-Joachim;   Maurer, Robert;   Miller, Alfred;   Müller-Rees, Christoph;   Pawlik, Andreas;   Petri, Andreas;   Schierlinger, Christian;   Schwalb, Georg;   Stanjek, Volker;   Stohrer, Jürgen;   Weitzel, Hans-Peter;   Winkler, Rainer

Publication Titles

1991: Silylated benzoic acid derivative liquid crystals for display devices
1993: Optical elements made from helical liquid crystal substances with reflection bands for linear polarized light, and a method for their manufacture
1994: Dielectric relaxation in a new cyclic liquid-crystalline oligosiloxane
1994: Liquid crystal doristerol-containing organosiloxanes
1995: Optical elements containing liquid crystal pigments having color and polarization selective reflectivity, and method for manufacturing such elements
1996: Dielectric relaxation in four cyclic liquid-crystalline oligosiloxanes with different ring size and spacer length
1996: Preparation of liquid-crystal polyorganosiloxanes containing (meth)acryloxy groups
1997: Liquid crystal materials, their preparation, and their uses
1997: Process for producing an oriented film from highly viscous liquid crystalline material
1998: Azo Dyes as Side Chains in Liquid Crystalline Oligomers for Holographic Application
1998: Liquid-crystalline, crosslinkable siloxanes, their crosslinked products having a low glass transition temperature, and their manufacture
1998: Method for broadening the cholesteric reflection bands of photopolymerizable cholesteric liquid crystals and optical elements containing these liquid crystals
1998: Mixtures containing crosslinked pigments with chiral liquid crystal structure and their use
1998: Process for producing three-dimensional, cured polymer materials having broad cholesteric reflection bands, and so produced filters, reflectors and polarizers
2002: Production of platelets for use as pigments


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