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Kreuzer, F.H.

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Kreuzer, F.-H.;   Kreuzer, Franz Heinrich;   Kreuzer, Franz-Heinrich


Andrejewski, D.;   Anneser, H.;   Berkovic, G.;   Bourhill, G.;   Bräuchle, Christoph;   Bunning, T.J.;   Dietrich, R.;   Eberle, H.J.;   Eidenschink, Rudolf;   Feiner, F.;   Haas, W.;   Heinemann, E.;   Häberle, N.;   Kastenmüller, G.;   Kastenmüller, Gabi;   Leigeber, H.;   Loddoch, M.;   Marowsky, G.;   Miller, A.;   Petri, A.;   Petti, A.;   Pinnow, M.;   Pinsl, J.;   Riepl, G.;   Sieverdes, F.;   Spes, P.;   Stolle, R.;   Takezoe, H.;   Weitzel, H.P.;   de Jeu, Wim H.

Publication Titles

1987: Liquid crystalline polysiloxanes for optical write-once storage
1989: Inverse angle dependence of the reflection colors of cholesteric polymeric liquid crystals mixed with pigments
1990: Liquid-crystalline behavior of molecules with tetrahedral symmetry
1991: Cyclic siloxanes with mesogenic side groups
1992: Ferroelectric liquid-crystal - controlled anisotropic second-harmonic generation
1993: Cholesteric liquid crystalline siloxanes with azo dye: generation of additional reflection bands with linearly polarized light
1994: Photoinduced Generation of Noncentrosymmetric Structures in Glassy Liquid Crystalline Polysiloxanes and Their Application
1995: Charcterization of Photoinduced Noncentrosymmetric Structures in Glassy Liquid Crystalline Polysiloxanes by Linear and Nonlinear Optical Methods
1995: Cyclosiloxane-based liquid crystalline materials
1995: Probing liquid crystals nonlinearly
1995: Studies of Nematic Liquid-Crystal Cells Using Second-Harmonic Phase Measurements
1996: Cyclic liquid-crystalline siloxanes as optical recording materials
1996: Generation of noncentrosymmetric structures in glassy liquid crystalline siloxanes


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