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Kremer, Kurt

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Kremer, K.


Abrams, Cameron F.;   Andrienko, Denis;   Delle Site, Luigi;   Dünweg, Burkhard;   Guo, Hongxia;   Jeong, Cheol;   Kirkpatrick, James;   Marcon, Valentina;   Nelson, Jenny;   Peter, Christine;   Site, Luigi Delle;   Soddemann, Thomas;   Vehoff, Thorsten;   Yoon, Do Y.

Publication Titles

2002: Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation of shear-induced alignment of amphiphilic model systems
2003: Dissipative particle dynamics: A useful thermostat for equilibrium and nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulations
2003: Dual-resolution coarse-grained simulation of the bisphenol-A-polycarbonate/nickel interface
2006: Atomistic simulation of structure and dynamics of columnar phases of hexabenzocoronene derivatives
2007: Charge Mobility of Discotic Mesophases: A Multiscale Quantum and Classical Study
2008: Classical simulations from the atomistic to the mesoscale and back: coarse graining an azobenzene liquid crystal
2008: Columnar mesophases of hexabenzocoronene derivatives. I. Phase transitions
2008: Columnar mesophases of hexabenzocoronene derivatives. II. Charge carrier mobility


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