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Krekhov, A.P.


Barbero, G.;   Borzsoni, T.;   Buka, Ágnes;   Börzsönyi, T.;   Chuvirov, A.N.;   Chuvyrov, A.N.;   Delev, V.A.;   Evangelista, L.R.;   Gil'manova, N.Kh.;   Hertrich, A.;   Khasimullin, M.V.;   Khazimullin, M.V.;   Kotov, I.V.;   Kramer, L.;   Lebedev, Y.A.;   Lebedev, Yu.A.;   Nasibullaev, I.Sh.;   Nasibullayev, I.S.;   Nasibullayev, I.Sh.;   Pasechnik, S.V.;   Pesch, W.;   Scaldin, O.A.;   Shmeleva, D.V.;   Shmeliov, D.V.;   Shmeliova, D.V.;   Skaldin, O.A.;   Tarasov, O.S.;   Toth, P.;   Tsvetkov, V.A.

Publication Titles

1985: Dynamics of disclinations on the surfaces of nematic liquid crystal spheres
1986: Disclination structures of carbonaceous mesophase spherules
1989: Investigation of polarization surfaces using capacitive modulation spectroscopy
1990: Dipole ordering in nematic liquid crystals
1991: Surface polarization and flexoelectric effect
1992: Electrooptics of twisted nematics in the electrohydrodynamic instability region
1992: Influence of the flow on the orientation induced by a solid substrate on a nematic liquid crystal
1992: Nonlinear Waves in the Electrohydrodynamic Convection Regime of Nematics
1992: Poiseuille Flow in Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell
1992: Surface polarization: possible sources and main characteristics
1992: Tricritical point in order-disorder phase transitions for nematics
1993: Flow alignment of nematics under oscillatory shear
1994: The electrohydrodynamic instability in twisted nematic liquid crystals
1995: Electrohydrodynamic convection in nematics: hybrid and tilted alignment
1995: Orientational transitions in nematic liquid crystals on substrates with microrelief
1996: Flow-alignment instability and slow director oscillations in nematic liquid crystals under oscillatory flow
1997: Flexoelectric response of a layer of liquid crystal with a temperature-induced orientational transition
1997: Orientation of Nematic Liquid Crystal under Oscillatory Poiseuille Flow
1997: Temperature Dependence of Anchoring Energy in Nematic Cell with Orientational Transition
1998: Nematic liquid crystal in oscillatory Poiseuille flow
1998: Pattern formation in homeotropic nematic induced by mechanical rectilinear and elliptical oscillatory excitation
1999: Nematic liquid crystal under plane oscillatory flows
1999: Optical response of hybrid nematic liquid-crystal layer under oscillatory shift
1999: Orientational instability of a nematic liquid crystal under oscillatory shear flow
1999: Orientational transition in nematic liquid crystal with hybrid alignment under oscillatory shear
2000: Director Precession and Nonlinear Waves in Nematic Liquid Crystals under Elliptic Shear
2000: Dynamics of nematic liquid crystal under oscillatory flow: influence of surface viscosity
2000: Electroconvection in twisted nematic liquid crystals
2000: Temperature dependence of anchoring energy of MBBA on SiO-evaporated substrate
2001: Behavior of a nematic liquid crystal in oscillatory flow at weak surface anchoring
2001: Crossover between Flexoelectric Stripe Patterns and Electroconvection in Hybrid Aligned Nematics
2001: Drifting Abnormal Rolls in Electroconvection of Hybrid Aligned Nematic
2001: Flexoelectric Instability in Nematic Liquid Crystal between Coaxial Cylinders
2001: Influence of weak anchoring on flow instabilities in nematic liquid crystals
2002: Dynamics of Cholesteric Fingers Under an Electric Field
2002: Dynamics of Fluctuations in Confinded Nematic Liquid Crystals
2002: Instabilities in Nematic Liquid Crystal Under Oscillatory Flow and Additional Electric Field
2002: Orientational Dynamics in Decay Poiseuille Flow of Nematic Liquid Crystals
2003: Dynamics of cholesteric structures in an electric field
2004: Orientational Dynamics in Nematic Liquid Crystal under Decay Poiseuille Flow
2004: Phase separation in the presence of spatially periodic forcing
2005: Orientational instability in a nematic liquid crystal in a decaying Poiseuille flow


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