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Kramer, Lorenz

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Kramer, L.


Ahlers, Guenter;   Aranson, Igor S.;   Belaidi, Ahmed;   Bodenschatz, Eberhard;   Buka, Ágnes;   Cannell, David S.;   Decker, W.;   Decker, Werner;   Demeter, Gabor;   Dennin, Michael;   Eber, Nandor;   Fan, Chung-Peng;   Feng, Q.;   Feng, Quanyuan;   Hertrich, A.;   Katona, Tibor Tóth;   Nemeth, Szilard;   Németh, Szilárd;   Németh, Szílard;   Pesch, Werner;   Plaut, Emmanuel;   Rehberg, Ingo;   Ribotta, Roland;   Riecke, Hermann;   Rossberg, Axel;   Rossberg, Axel G.;   Rozanski, Stanislaw A.;   Röder, Heinrich;   Röder, Joanna;   Silber, Mary;   Stephen, Michael J.;   Thom, Wolfram;   Treiber, Martin;   Trieber, Martin;   Tschammer, A.;   Weber, Andreas;   Zimmermann, Walter;   de la Torre Juárez, Manuel;   Éber, Nándor

Publication Titles

1970: Fluctuations and light scattering in cholesteric liquid crystals
1985: Oblique-roll electrohydrodynamic instability in nematics
1986: New Results on Periodic Instabilities in Nematic Liquid Crystals
1986: Periodic splay-twist Freedericksz transition in nematic liquid crystals (Comments)
1988: On electrically driven pattern-forming instabilities in planar nematics
1989: The influence of the flexoelectric effect on the electrohydrodynamic instability in nematics
1989: Transient structures in the Fréedericksz transition
1990: Interaction and dynamics of defects in anisotropic pattern-forming systems
1991: Defects in Continuous Media
1992: Linear and non-linear transient patterns in the splay Freedericksz transition of nematics
1992: The Electrodynamic Instability in Homeotropic Nematic Layers
1992: Theory of Rayleigh-Benard Convection in Nematic Liquid Crystals
1992: Theory of Rayleigh-Benard convection in planar nematic liquid crystals
1992: Theory of nonlinear transient patterns in the splay Fréedericksz transition
1993: Theory of interaction and bound states of spiral waves in oscillatory media
1994: Equilibrium shapes of a nematic-smectic-B liquid-crystal interface
1994: Stochastic envelope equations for nonequilibrium transitions and application to thermal fluctuations in electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals
1994: Temporal forcing of small-amplitude waves in anisotropic systems
1995: Bipolar electrodiffusion model for electroconvection in nematics
1995: Free-growth properties of a nematic-smectic-B liquid-crystal interface
1996: Origin of traveling rolls in electroconvection of nematic liquid crystals
1997: Linear stability analysis of bifurcations with a spatially periodic, fluctuating control parameter
1997: New symmetry breaking in nonlinear electroconvection of nematic liquid crystals
1997: Traveling waves in electroconvection of the nematic phase 5: a test of the weak electrolyte model
1998: Coupled complex Ginzburg-Landau equations for the weak electrolyte model of electroconvection
2000: New scenarios in the electroconvection of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal
2002: Magnetic Field Effects on the Electroconvection Patterns of a Homeotropic Nematic
2002: Magnetic field effect on the thresholds of a sequence of transitions in the electroconvection of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal
2002: The world of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
2002: Theoretical investigation of optically induced director oscillations in nematics
2004: Decay of Spatially Periodic Patterns in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
2004: Decay of spatially periodic patterns in a nematic liquid crystal
2006: The Role of Initial Conditions in the Decay of Spatially Periodic Patterns in a Nematic Liquid Crystal


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