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Kramer, Edward J.

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Kramer, E.J.


Alberius, Peter C.A.;   Ando, Yushi;   Bang, Joona;   Bubeck, Robert A.;   Char, Kookheon;   Chaudhury, Manoj K.;   Chen, John T.;   Chmelka, Bradley F.;   Cochran, Eric;   Colby, Ralph H.;   DeKoven, Benjamin M.;   Fischer, Daniel A.;   Fisher, Dan;   Fredrickson, Glenn H.;   Frindell, Karen L.;   Genzer, Jan;   Gillmor, Jeffrey R.;   Hall, Elizabeth;   Hammond, Matthew R.;   Hawker, Craig J.;   Hayward, Ryan C.;   Hexemer, Alexander;   Kang, Seok Ho;   Kim, Bumjoon J.;   Krishnan, Sitaraman;   Körner, Hilmar;   Li, Xuefa;   Mao, Guoping;   Mezzenga, Raffaele;   Ober, Christopher K.;   Paik, Marvin Y.;   Pattison, Lisa R.;   Petroff, Pierre M.;   Ruokolainen, Janne;   Sambasivan, Sharadha;   Segalman, Rachel A.;   Sivaniah, Easan;   Stucky, Galen D.;   Thomas, Edwin L.;   Wang, Jianguo;   Xiang, Maoliang;   You, Fengxiang

Publication Titles

1993: Diffusion and melt viscosity of a main-chain liquid crystalline polyether
1997: Liquid Crystalline, Semifluorinated Side Group Block Copolymers with Stable Low Energy Surfaces: Synthesis, Liquid Crystalline Structure, and Critical Surface Tension
1997: Multiple length scale self-organization in liquid-crystalline block copolymers
1999: Block copolymers with low surface energy, liquid crystalline segments: the interplay of surface and bulk liquid crystallinity
1999: Low surface energy materials: liquid-crystalline block copolymers with semifluorinated monodendron side groups
2000: Temperature Dependence of Molecular Orientation on the Surfaces of Semifluorinated Polymer Thin Films
2000: The Orientation of Semifluorinated Alkanes Attached to Polymers at the Surface of Polymer Films
2002: General Predictive Syntheses of Cubic, Hexagonal, and Lamellar Silica and Titania Mesostructured Thin Filmss
2003: Edge Effects on the Order and Freezing of a 2D Array of Block Copolymer Spheres
2003: High Internal Phase Polymeric Emulsions by Self-Assembly of Colloidal Systems
2004: Thin Films of Bicontinuous Cubic Mesostructured Silica Templated by a Nonionic Surfactant
2005: Temperature Dependence of Order, Disorder, and Defects in Laterally Confined Diblock Copolymer Cylinder Monolayers
2005: Temperature dependence of the ordering of semiconducting fluorene-thiophene copolymers on rubbed polyimide alignment layers
2006: Edge Effects on Thermal Disorder in Laterally Confined Diblock Copolymer Cylinder Monolayers
2006: Probing the Ordering of Semiconducting Fluorene-Thiophene Copolymer Surfaces on Rubbed Polyimide Substrates by Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
2007: Nanoparticle Surfactants as a Route to Bicontinuous Block Copolymer Morphologies
2007: Surface Organization, Light-Driven Surface Changes, and Stability of Semifluorinated Azobenzene Polymers
2009: Tailoring Core-Shell Polymer-Coated Nanoparticles as Block Copolymer Surfactants


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