Index Name

Koyama, K.

Similar Names

Koyama, Kazuo;   Koyama, Kazuyoshi;   Koyama, Kiyohito;   Koyama, Kiyoto


Aita, T.;   Chen, Z.Y.;   Inoue, T.;   Kimura, H.;   Li, R.X.;   Lu, P.X.;   Qian, L.J.;   Riha, P.;   Sesha Sainath, A.V.;   Takimoto, J.;   Yonetake, K.;   Yu, M.Y.;   Yu, Wei

Publication Titles

1999: Stochastic aspects of bridging bonds of induced structure of electro-rheological fluids in shear flow
2002: Electron acceleration and high-order harmonic generation by an intense short pulse laser in a magnetic field
2003: Synthesis and characterization of 6-[4-(trans-4-pentylcyclohexyl)phenoxy]hexyl acrylate homopolymer and copolymers

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